A suburban high school in Chicago is now under an order from the federal government to allow a boy to use the girls’ locker room and showers, without any privacy protection for the girls or around himself.


America under the Obama administration has gone off the rails.




The male student involved decided a few years ago that he identifies as a girl, has begun some gender reassignment therapy, and wants to undergo the transgender process to become a girl, but is still anatomically a boy.


In response to the requests of this student who is still anatomically male, the school agreed to:

• Calls the boy by the girls’ name he chose and changed it in the school records
• Allow the boy to play on girls’ sports teams,
• Allow the boy to use the bathroom of his choice as stalls provide privacy
• Allow him to use the girls’ locker room, but requires him to change clothes behind a privacy screen.


This last point is the fact that the boy finds outrageous… that he has to use a privacy screen in the girls locker room … this child who is still anatomically male got help from the ACLU to file a complaint against the school demanding unrestricted access to use of the girls’ locker room.


The US Education department’s Office for Civil Rights agreed with the boy, telling the school district that requiring private facilities for transgender students violated their rights under Title IX that bans sex discrimination.


If the school does not comply — and let this student who is still a boy – openly use the girls locker room, require girls to change clothes and shower in front of this boy, and let this boy have unfettered access to the girls showers, the school will lose federal funding.


Please think about this…


Society figured out thousands of years ago to offer separate facilities for men and women.


We still arrest men for public exposure to women if they intentionally reveal themselves to women.


We charge peeping toms for looking into windows to watch women undress.


We arrest men who place hidden cameras in women’s restrooms and locker rooms for invading the privacy of those women.


BUT now, if the man entering the women’s locker room claims he has transgendered thoughts… we reject any consideration of the women’s desire for privacy in an all-out battle to be sure that the child asserting transgender status does not have his or her feelings hurt.


All of this because the LEFT has exalted a new status called “transgender”—the privacy and comfort of all high school girls must be compromised, in fact obliterated, so a boy who plans to become a girl someday can be treated in every way like a girl today.


Certainly any child who believes he or she is transgendered … who thinks he or she is not the gender that anatomy would dictate… needs help.  And sympathy. But is indulging them and encouraging their transgender ambitions the best thing for them?


Debra W. Soh, a sex researcher and neuroscientist at York University in Toronto, wrote recently that it is very unwise to begin therapy of any kind to assist a young person in the transgender process … and said


“research has shown that most gender dysphoric children outgrow their dysphoria, and do so by adolescence: Most will grow up to be happy, gay adults, or happy, straight adults. “


She is encouraging responsible adults to move with caution – to not immediately capitulate to a minor’s life-altering desires which may be adolescent whims.


In the quest of the American Left to exalt the bizarre, and mock or discard the social and societal norms of centuries, we are at the point of absurdity.


Common sense must make a comeback in American society and American law.


This is one of the many arenas of American political life that demands that responsible adults speak up and take charge. Parents, if this is happening in your children’s schools, don’t expect common sense or rational rulings from your schools or from your federal government. Step in, speak up, make your views be known, take a stand for normalcy, modesty and civility.


Last point:  why is the Obama administration involved at all in the question of which bathrooms and locker rooms students use? Title IX was designed to be sure that schools that receive federal funding do not discriminate based on sex, so that, for example, schools offer equivalent athletic programs for boys and girls.


The American left through the Congress, the courts and the federal agencies, is engaged in an assault on reason. It is only through intellectual perversion and intellectual gymnastics that we as a society could arrive at the conclusion that a boy being told he cannot use the girls’ locker room and showers, is suffering from discrimination based on sex.