The Widespread War on Women in America

The Widespread War on Women in America

This March, during America’s Women’s History Month, America’s leftists are making much ado about the supposed War on Women.  But what war are they talking about?

What liberals mean by the War on Women is that anyone who opposes any idea, tax or new government expenditure that liberal Democrats conjure up, from a “right” to free birth control provided by insurers, to changing the definition of marriage, and a wide range of other policies, is committing an act of war. By holding a different opinion.  And some Americans unwittingly buy into this meaningless mantra, which creates divisions in society between men and women, which is of course one of the goals of this tactic.

Intelligent contemplation of serious policy issues of all kinds are reduced to name-calling and simple-minded slogan-slinging, instead of actual discourse of the merits of competing ideas.

Oddly, the issues the Left chooses to focus on as proof of this “war on women” all relate to reproduction. It’s like liberals think that sexuality is all that intelligent women think about! Isn’t that the mentality that enlightened women fought against?

Let’s take a look at some policies that are genuinely hurting women.  This is the war on women, brought to you by today’s liberals and the Democrat Party.

  • The war on jobs.
    • As liberals grow government, raise taxes and expand regulations, stifling private industry and job growth, women (and all Americans) have a harder time finding a job in the shrinking economy.
    • This leaves women more likely to have to revert to reliance on parents, friends, husbands, and boyfriends. Hardly the independent, self-reliant life strong women want.
    • Why do liberals think that attacking businesses with growing taxes and regulation helps women, or anyone?
  • The war on healthcare freedom.
    • Obamacare is an unfolding disaster, a monstrosity of federal government control that is already causing doctors to leave the practice of medicine and to refuse to take on new patients.
    • Government controlled healthcare fails women around the world, and Democrats brought it here too, so women and all of us can suffer equally.
  • The war on educational freedom.
    • Conservatives support educational reforms that offer parents more choices, and put the control of the education dollar in the hands of the parent instead of the teachers’ union.
    • Liberals who are beholden to teachers’ unions protect those unions and failing public schools, to the detriment of the millions of women, moms, who deserve more school choice for their precious children.
  • The war on independence and self-sufficiency.
    • Liberals proudly tout the ever-expanding rolls of recipients of food stamps and other government assistance, as proof of “caring” about women, moms and children.
    • Democrats eliminated the very successful welfare reforms that literally re-engaged millions of Americans into a life of purpose and self-reliance.
    • Encouraging women, especially single moms, to become and remain dependent on government for food, shelter and all needs is cruel, and condemns women to a life of  helplessness.
  • The war on women-owned businesses. 
    • Women are business-owners and successful achievers in every professional realm.
    • So the liberal love for higher taxing, ever-expanding regulation and bigger government control over the private sector, hurts women.
    • Why do Democrats/liberals always assume that women are victims who need more and more government assistance, instead of viewing women as successful achievers and business owners, who  would benefit from reduced government interference in their lives.

NOW and other leftist organizations that advocate for more and bigger government, and more regulation of businesses, are not advocating for women. They are advocating for left-wing big government, that hurts women.