Think There Isn’t a Uniparty Ruling Class? Exhibit A – John Bolton

Think There Isn’t a Uniparty Ruling Class? Exhibit A – John Bolton

Thanks to American Thinker for posting January 29, 2020!

Whatever the protestations of John Bolton as to who is leaking what to whom, the fact remains that Bolton has written a “tell-all” book about his experiences as President Trump’s national security adviser, with the intent to release the book in the year Trump is running for re-election.

It’s not easy to engage in behavior that is both petty and despicable at the same time, but Bolton has done it.

He has made himself into the poster child for an off-the-charts arrogant ruling class that an increasingly large portion of Americans (maybe 63 million and counting?) are absolutely seething about.

“We the people” just can’t seem to penetrate the mindset of the Boltons of the Beltway to explain that we have had enough of their massively out-of-touch, egotistical act.

Want to hear a little Boltonspeak?  If I were to imagine what was in his mind, it would go something like this:

“You must understand, my fellow Americans, that Donald J. Trump has no business asserting the Constitutional prerogatives of the Presidency, if to do so is to go against the received wisdom of those of us who have been around this town for decades. No one has assembled a more sterling Beltway resume than I have. I am pedigreed and credentialed, and Donald Trump is not, and if he thinks he can disagree with me over matters of foreign policy and even publicly part ways with me in a way that I don’t like without big-time payback, he’s got another think coming.

You rubes of the American heartland: if we of the ruling class tell you that Joe Biden’s mind-blowingly enormous, in-your-face corruption involving the Ukraine is NOT the issue, and further tell you the real issue is whether Donald Trump dared to even think about exposing it, you need to get your mind right and agree. Once a credentialed member of the ruling class like Joe Biden even thinks about running for President, the law of the Uniparty ruling class is that any investigation of such corruption is an uppity, immoral, ungrateful interference with the ruling class’ view of a proper election. Or shall I say, an ‘impeachable offense’ against the Deep State. So learn your place, you rubes. I will tell you what impeccable foreign policy wisdom is, and you’re just lucky to have me to explain it. Stay in your lane, people. I’m in charge.”

There is not enough profanity in the English language to capture the depth of hostility and anger that is rising against the Uniparty ruling class–against Bolton and Boltonspeak and against the most pompous, sanctimonious empty suit in the history of pompous, sanctimonious empty suits: Mitt Romney.

Major, major kudos are owed to Fred Fleitz, John Bolton’s former chief of staff, who went public with a calm, considered, emphatic dressing down of his former boss for such unprofessional and harmful-to-the-country behavior. Fleitz’ action was an act of patriotism, integrity and moral clarity in a Beltway that has very little of any of these. Would that John Bolton would have a humble moment of reflection and heed Mr. Fleitz’ advice.

Mitch McConnell had better gather the votes to acquit and dismiss this impeachment this week.

Eric Georgatos