This is Why Vivek Has a Promising Future in Politics

This is Why Vivek Has a Promising Future in Politics

Vivek Ramaswamy


I’m honored by the influx of endorsement requests. But let’s be honest, most endorsements are meaningless, so here’s what we’re doing: any candidate whom I endorse in this cycle will make a *hard commitment* to the following principles.  

1.    The people we elect to run government should actually run the government.
a.    Favor 75% headcount reduction of federal & state bureaucrats. 
b.    If it’s state action in disguise, the Constitution still applies: The U.S. government cannot use private companies to do through the back door what government could not get done through the front door under the law.
c.    Shut down irreparable government agencies.  

2.    The first & only moral duty of U.S. leaders is to U.S. citizens. 
a.    Homeland defense should be the top priority of all national defense spending.
b.    End foreign aid to any country whose national debt per citizen is less than ours & defund international institutions hostile to U.S. sovereignty.
c.    Require disclosure of dual citizenship for all public officials to expose any conflicts of interest.  

3.    Public service is about serving the public, not oneself. 
a.    End trading of individual stocks by members of Congress and bureaucrats.
b.    10-year ban on lobbying for politicians and bureaucrats. Ban corporate board memberships for entities they regulated. 
c.    8-year term limits for elected officials and bureaucrats.   

4.    The absence of national pride is an existential threat to our nation’s future — we must fill that void.
a.    Every high school senior should be able to pass the same civics test that every immigrant must pass to become a voting citizen in this country.
b.    Veterans’ benefits and military compensation should be tax-free.
c.    Shut down the Department of Education & put that money back into parents’ pockets to empower educational choice.