This Will Not Stand

This Will Not Stand

Those were George H.W. Bush’s words after Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990.  They are the words for the radical left/Deep State/Democrat coup now being played out in front of the world.

At this writing, ‘results’ in a few key states remain to be ‘determined’ and thereby ‘determine’ who won the 2020 election.

Americans are being prepared to swallow an election result whereby a manifestly senile 77 year old man (who on Election Day introduced his granddaughter as his deceased son Beau); a man exposed by overwhelming evidence to have criminally sold out his political office for the personal enrichment of himself and his family—to be criminally compromised by the most serious national security threat of our time, Communist China–; a man who barely campaigned outside his home state, and never drew a crowd of even 200 people to any campaign appearance—Americans are being sold a story that this man was swept into the highest office in America by the voluntary, honest choice of the American people.

This did not happen.  This is a fix.  This is a meticulously planned attempted coup.  This is the last desperate vicious revenge of the leftists/Deep State to get rid of Donald Trump and settle once and for all that they run this country and nobody better get in their way.

We don’t know how events will play out nominally.  But substantively, even if the coup ‘succeeds’ in the sense of ‘installing’ Joe Biden as President, we will predict right now:  “this will not stand”.

The radical leftist Obama cabal appeared at first to have used the ‘color revolution’ concept to ‘successfully’ drive Hosni Mubarak out of office in Egypt, and ‘install’ the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi as President of that country in 2012.

The coup appeared at first to have worked exactly as designed—a triumph of the masterminds, and a remaking of the Middle East in the direction of radical Islamism.  But a strange and powerful thing happened that hadn’t been accounted for in the masterminds’ plans:  the Egyptian people were having none of it.  They knew they had been played; and they refused to accept what had been done to them.  They did not want the radicalism of the Muslim Brotherhood, even though it had been engineered to be sold as if it were the will of the people.  Though it took a little more than a year, they finally forced their own overthrow of Morsi (who later died in jail).

Americans know more vividly than ever before that they are witnessing a coup.

Americans have known they were witnessing manifestly dishonest behavior among their elites during the Russia collusion hoax, then during the impeachment hoax, and finally in the pandemic overkill (which is itself a form of hoax designed in part to enable the mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting necessary to accomplish the desired final vote counts).  Americans know, more than ever, that their ruling class is amoral, corrupt to the core—simply evil.  Tucker Carlson nailed this point on the eve of the election.

Americans are not going to allow this coup to stand.  Even if every single one of America’s institutional backstops that should have stopped it—e.g., the MSM, FBI, DOJ, even the US military—proves either to be in on the coup, or led by spineless, gutless cowards who have lost their grasp of right and wrong or their ability to act on it, the American people have NOT lost their grasp of right and wrong, nor have they lost the willingness to act to save the country they love.

A Japanese leader famously feared that the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, may have ‘awakened a sleeping giant’.  He was right, and he was right to be afraid.  Just took awhile for his fears to be realized.

The architects of this coup are going to find out that November 3, 2020 and its aftermath have also awakened a sleeping giant.  They clearly believe they have the tools of legal and mental manipulation by which they can control the populace and ultimately make them bend to their will.  But they are mistaken, and they are going to be shocked by how mistaken they are.

We can hope and will pray that overturning this coup—and arresting and convicting every one of the coup ringleaders—can be accomplished without bloodshed.  But bloodshed or not, it will be overturned.  This is a complete fraud.  This will not stand.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?