Time for America to Move Past the Pandemic—and Here’s Why

Time for America to Move Past the Pandemic—and Here’s Why

Consider two recent news items:

  1. Jim Cramer, host of a CNBC business show, went off on a rant against the unvaccinated, labeling at least the ‘immuno-compromised’ portion of them as ‘psychotic’ and urging that the US military should be charged with forcing the injection on everyoneYou can watch his rant here.


  1. Christian Perrone, former Vice President of a WHO European Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization, went on record in August 2021 stating that based on actual case data emerging from Israel and the UK—two of the most aggressively vaccinated countries in the world—it is the vaccinated who pose the greatest danger to public health, and that the vaccinated should be isolated and quarantined for the entire winter, for their own good, and for the good of everyone else. You can watch his remarks here.

Let that sink in. 

Christian Perrone has serious and relevant medical credentials; Jim Cramer has none (and is wont to ranting); but neither man is a stupid person. Yet they produce two public commentaries, advocating antithetical, polar opposite courses of action.

So which one of these opposite views is based on ‘science’?   Which should shape public health policy?

The tragically irresponsible behavior of legacy media has conditioned the culture to answer this question, not with reference to a broad, objective analysis of scientific data, but with disparagement of the people espousing the opinion the legacy media disagrees with.  Such as, hypothetically: Christian Perrone is not an American, and doesn’t speak English fluently, so he obviously doesn’t know nearly as much about science as the NIH does.

But Main Street Americans know that true science doesn’t depend on personal opinions; gravity is gravity everywhere on earth.  So true science and the conclusions that spring from it should be universally acknowledged by all intelligent persons.  Otherwise it is not science.

Which leads to the inescapable conclusion as to covid-19 and how to deal with it:  the science is not even close to settled as to what the right explanations and remedies are.

Learning is occurring every day.

And on a very fundamental level, it is nothing more than stating the obvious to note:  “long-term effects” of covid, herd immunity, vaccines, alternative therapies, etc. are by definition not known…because the world is only two+ years into this entire experience.  Long-term effects may not be understood for a decade or more.

So, in the absence of actual scientific certainty, what is to be done?

The quintessential American answer ought to be:  trust freedom and free people:

  • Trust and insist upon free speech to get as much competing information and informed opinion as possible to the people
  • Trust free men and women who are physicians to explore and examine every possible path of remedy and make their findings known, and to honestly care for the well-being of their patients
  • Trust free men and women to make individual healthcare (and other) decisions as to what is best for them

Cramer’s idea of an American government ordering the US military to disregard constitutionally guaranteed freedom and compel injection of the vaccine ought to be dismissed out of hand; it is utterly unconstitutional and un-American.  (And that’s before even considering the overwhelming ‘adverse effect’ data surrounding the vaccines, which makes mandating them, in the context of a disease with a 99+% recovery rate for almost everyone, absurdly defiant of common sense).

Perrone’s idea of quarantining and isolating vaccinated people for an entire winter—completely disregarding their rights to freedom—ought to be dismissed out of hand in America.  It is also utterly unconstitutional and un-American.

What’s really encapsulated in this Cramer/Perrone dichotomy is the opportunity to re-learn what is exceptional about America.  Because in the abstract, many people yearn for someone else to tell them what to do, especially when they are deeply afraid (as Cramer obviously is).

“Someone take charge and take care of me!  Someone make this pandemic go away!”  And most of these people believe that the right ‘someone’ is the government, and further believe that so long as the government relies on ‘settled science’ in deciding on what to tell everyone to do, everything will turn out ok.

The founding fathers knew that no human government is capable of perfect wisdom or the selfless exercise of power.  They probably also knew that much of the science relating to human health is essentially never settled (see for example, the writings of one of the founders, Dr. Benjamin Rush).  But they also firmly believed the individual citizen is capable of taking charge of himself or herself and enjoys inalienable God-given rights and liberties to do so.  They set up a Republic to assure that government wouldn’t interfere with those rights.

So does this mean American government should blithely ignore contagious disease and let everyone fend for themselves?  Of course not.  Government has a role to play in gathering information and even spurring research toward solutions—and then making known everything it learns through those efforts.  But an American government has no business suppressing any resulting information or regulating from afar the doctor-patient relationship; its responsibility is to facilitate an informed citizenry (including those citizens involved in delivering healthcare), and then let freedom run its course as citizens act responsibly to take care of themselves.

When any doctor—especially including Fauci—claims to represent ‘science’ as if science is absolutely certain when it absolutely is uncertain, and then seeks to convert American government into both an instrument of coercion AND an instrument of censorship and suppression of competing expert opinions, that doctor is un-American and anti-American and should be disregarded entirely.


  • Free men and women physicians have found therapies for covid other than vaccines; free men and women should be free to prescribe and use them (or not use them)
  • Free men and women should be assured access to all relevant information about mRNA vaccines and boosters, and should be free to take them or not take them
  • Neither the vaccinated nor the unvaccinated should be shunned or isolated or quarantined
  • American government should stay the hell out of issuing healthcare mandates and orders

Covid—and yes, that includes Omicron and every other variant—does not have the power to upend the American constitution unless the American people give it that power.  Americans should uphold and honor their constitutional heritage and move past the pandemic.  And demand that government obey their wishes.