Toward a Resurgent Christian Nation

Toward a Resurgent Christian Nation

Reprinted from Brushfires of Freedom, 12 years ago…around July 4th…


Toward a Resurgent Christian Nation

The calling of this era throughout the world is for more confident Judeo-Christian leadership. Not necessarily from men or women of the clergy—who generally seem timid, and perpetually confused and undermined by the confusion of love and compassion with truth and principle–but from men and women of the American heartland, the people with a clarity of mind and heart that shows in the lives they lead.

America is under full scale assault from two directions. The first is from the ‘George Soros mentality’—the human ego’s decision that God and faith are the cause of all evil in the world— and the determination to replace faith in God with an all-powerful government directed and controlled by elitists and acquiesced in by a passive public anesthetized by the drumbeat of media lies and manipulation about the elitists’ intents and purposes. The second is from Islamic theology, a dark, violent and oppressive theology which depends on force and fear and hatred to sustain itself.

Few American political leaders have even the slightest grasp of the dimensions of this assault, but a large and growing number of heartland Americans feel it and understand it in their hearts, and know the seriousness and magnitude of the task in front of them.

America is a Christian nation (or to be more accurate in theological terms, a Judeo-Christian nation). The spirit of the Declaration of Independence is quintessentially Christian. American exceptionalism through the first 200+ years of its existence is due entirely to the freedom, moral courage, and rightly motivated bravery unleashed for humanity by the organization of human government around basic Christian humility and the ‘self-evident’ truths of God as Creator, and men and women as the created, who are equal in the sight of God.

The Judeo-Christian foundation of America is not the source of evil in the world; it is the reason evil has been defeated in its various forms throughout America’s history. And the inspired, divine genius of Christianity is in its acknowledgement of God as a loving God, whose child—or ‘image and likeness’—is capable of great good when earnest in the following of Christian morals and precepts for living. Humanity is in for a long and dark period if it cannot keep these facts clear.

Too many professed Christian leaders refuse to assert these facts publicly. Standing up to the hatred and scorn and vitriol that is sure to be heaped upon them if they do speak up publicly is just too hard for most. Better to soften their stances and try to make peace with what Paul called the ‘carnal mind’ than stir up a lot of resistance by drawing bold, clear lines. And maybe, in many of these Christian leaders, there is some deep-seated doubt that just doesn’t know what to do with Islam and wishes it would just go away.

It will go away when humanity is clear about the rightness and truth and authority of Christianity; when we are clear about the Judeo-Christian foundation of America; and when we recognize that Islam simply cannot be reconciled with the America of the founding. Sharia law stands for and, if implemented, causes a wholesale replacement of the Declaration of Independence and the rule of law under the U.S. Constitution. Intellectual gymnastics that wish and hope and nuance their way into believing that this isn’t so are just that: empty, soulless intellectual gymnastics.

America (and humanity itself) has a choice in front of it, and it can’t split the difference between the two. There aren’t two truths. Either the Christian-inspired American vision of God, man and the role of government is true and the highest sense of right, or something else such as Islam is true, but both cannot be. And notwithstanding the wishes of the atheist, there is no third option to stand upon—e.g., that nothing is true.

The godless nature of the American media today has made it extraordinarily uncomfortable and unpleasant for any political leader to wade into these deep waters. The media will stir up a hate-mongering, ‘kook’ caricature of anyone who dares to take these positions publicly. The shame of it all is that the hate-mongering and kookiness comes from that which finds moral equivalence between Christianity and that which calls itself ‘religion’ while characterizing one group of human beings as apes and pigs; enforces polygamy, genital mutilation and oppression against one-half of its adherents; and defines a heaven for the pious martyr as the ability to have sex with 72 virgins.

This shouldn’t be a hard choice, and it wouldn’t be if enough Christian leaders made the choice clearer.

The American people sense the assault they are facing; they know as they defend America’s Judeo-Christian heritage that they are on the side of right–and are standing for the benefit of all humanity. They don’t yet have the leaders who will give voice to what they feel (though Sarah Palin is the closest to breaking through).

A resurgent Christian America is the need of the times. The American people are already resurgent; they just need the leadership to catch up to them.

Paul Gable

July 6, 2010