Trump Rises, Even with a Coronavirus Recession

Trump Rises, Even with a Coronavirus Recession

NeverTrumpers and anti-Trumpers feel they have a new wind at their backs as the coronavirus spreads. Some already speculate that the virus is a significant threat to Trump’s re-election prospects, due to its capacity to trigger a recession by way of the collapse of supply chains that involve China sourcing somewhere in the chain.

Not going to happen. President Trump will rise in stature as the country and the world emerge from this latest hysteria.

From AOC’s predictably juvenile taunting tweet pouncing on President Trump’s decision to appoint Vice President Pence to head America’s response to coronavirus, to Nancy Pelosi’s acerbic, petulant and just plain obnoxious press release trying to grab centerstage in orchestrating America’s response while labeling the Trump administration’s efforts to fight the virus as “opaque,” and “chaotic,” they’re perpetuating the famous “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

While it is true that from supplies of critically needed medicines now manufactured almost exclusively in China, to smart phones to computers to countless vital electronics, America is painfully reliant on China, these truths will also become clearer than ever before:

President Trump did not cause the coronavirus pandemic, China did. Certainly carelessly; perhaps intentionally.

Trump did not cause the China-based supply chain danger to America. Decades of “offshoring” America’s manufacturing to China, capitulation to China’s unfair trade practices that weakened American businesses, relentless surrender to the pressure to globalize the world and therefore weaken America, did. President Trump is the one guy leading the charge to reverse all this.

Trump did not oversee the loss of American manufacturing to China and other third world countries that have vastly inferior quality control and inspection procedures in place, including in the manufacture of vitally important, life-saving medications. President “jobs are just not going to come back” Obama, and his predecessors, did.

Trump did not hide the spread of the coronavirus in China, deny the danger, and repress the truth from getting out. China did.

China’s reaction to the outbreak was unforgivably heartless. Denial, arrest of those who spoke up, hiding facts from their own people, plowing ahead with a previously planned Guinness Book of World Records “largest potluck” event that was a recipe for spreading the virus after they knew of the outbreak, and repression of the facts and danger in order to maintain political power, all in seeming disregard for the life and health of their people. The well-being of the Chinese people is utterly secondary to the interests of Communist Party control. Truth is not a value; it is to be completely disregarded or sacrificed if necessary to maintain control.

Communist China is demonstrating the fatal flaws of totalitarian government: there is no such thing as government transparency or government respect for truth or the value of each life. There is only preserving power and control.

America’s reaction will be better. We expect President Trump and his administration to live by a standard of transparency and truth in their own handling of the crisis.

America will show the world (and millennials fantasizing about the greatness of socialism and communism) how much better a country rooted in faith and respect for the individual functions, than a country controlled by communists dedicated to their death grip on power.

Trump’s “America First” theme has long resonated as a ‘gut feel’ shared among Americans; now it is about to become empirically validated. America shouldn’t be dependent on Communist China for anything critical to the American quality of life. President Trump has been on the right side of this issue from the beginning; he gains in leadership stature from the awakening to this reality.

This crisis also offers America the opportunity to demonstrate how differently a country rooted in the Judeo-Christian heritage of respect for life and the individual operates in time of crisis, as compared with an atheistic, communist society. Reports out of China document very harsh treatment of those found to be infected, including brute force quarantining, and rapid deployment of mobile cremation facilities to get rid of human casualties. Not a demonstration of love and compassion.

America’s reaction has been and will continue to be notably different. That’s not to say there won’t be fear-induced poor decisions along the way, but the broader attitude and approach will be characterized by a determination to overcome this crisis, grounded in the hope and faith that it will be overcome. Atheists might scoff at the notion that faith can make a difference in what the atheist sees as an entirely material problem, but Americans as a whole think differently. There will be a resolution of this outbreak, and free people will find it.

None of this is to dismiss the reality that the MSM/Democrats will continue hyper-frenzied efforts to turn the coronavirus story into a political weapon, and to make any economic downturn associated with the virus into ‘proof’ that the American economy under Trump was a house of cards. Every ‘expert’ who offers the day’s most severe prediction on the spread of the virus or the spread of an economic downturn will get top billing; every lower level Obama holdover at any agency related to health or the economy will spread the message that their higher ups are not telling the whole truth; and every grieving family member related to an American fatality will be given air time if willing to denounce Trump as the cause.

But we think President Trump will emerge stronger than ever from the handling of this crisis, with or without a significant recession. Americans are tired of being played for manipulable fools by their media. They know Trump didn’t cause the virus, and Trump won’t solve it.   A communist totalitarian society caused the virus, an anti-Trump globalist American ruling class exacerbated the dangers and damages from it, and the American spirit of creativity, innovation, persistence and love of life (maybe with a little help from the Israelis) will solve it. And when the supply chain dust settles, there are going to even more factories and supply chain vendors open and operating in the USA.

President Trump’s smart leadership will be vindicated, and clearer than ever to voting Americans.

Eric Georgatos