Trump was RIGHT to say “Wait & See” on Accepting Election Results

Trump was RIGHT to say “Wait & See” on Accepting Election Results

At last night’s final Presidential debate of 2016, Donald Trump said he would wait and see whether he would accept the November election results.

He was right, and here is why.


Over just the last few weeks, America has learned:




  • The Public Interest Legal Foundation has uncovered thousands of instances of illegal aliens registering to vote in just a handful of counties in Virginia, and illegal aliens actually voting in Pennsylvania, along with dozens of other outright voter fraud cases around America. Election officials are often remiss, unmotivated, or fearful about correcting voter rolls.


To liberals, none of the above assaults on election integrity matter.  It only matters that Donald Trump won’t agree ahead of time to salute the victory those assaults may produce.


The hand-wringing ninnies are out this morning with sharpened oratorical swords, expressing horror, deploring Donald Trump’s deviation from “well-established norms of the peaceful transition of power” in our country. But these same ninnies are virtually silent on the felonious deviations by the Democrats away from the equally important norm of fair and honest elections.


What Trump meant by his answer is a legitimate question. He did not suggest or signal anything sinister or violent.  He simply and rightfully signaled that the country and his supporters will not sit idly and compliantly by if the election outcome appears to be the result of Democrat chicanery.  Consistent with many other Trump themes, he is saying he will stand up for the voters, the people, against the established power brokers.  He is right to say that.