Truth About J6…and Everything Else

Truth About J6…and Everything Else

Julie Kelly has noted (below) the actions of the Democrat/Liz Cheney/Adam Kinzinger J6 committee in destroying evidence in anticipation of the change in the House majority following the 2022 elections.

Common sense says that people do these sorts of things not because they are proud of what they have done but because they are ashamed of it; not because they have compelling proof of the rightness of their cause and want the world to see it, but because they have no proof and in fact because the truth of what they really have dismantles their cause and they know it and they must hide it.

As the standard wisdom goes…if anybody else destroys evidence and covers up their tracks in advance of an investigation, they have made themselves presumptively guilty of some form of lying, cheating, stealing, etc.–i.e., they have definitively exposed themselves as criminals.

Add to Ms. Kelly’s post the findings of The Blaze (also below) which demonstrates that law enforcement personnel brazenly, openly and unapologetically LIED to Congress about what happened on January 6th…for the clear purpose of furthering the utterly fraudulent ‘violent insurrection’ narrative.

Add, too, Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with Darren Beattie of Revolver News, who has for all intents and purposes made it absolutely clear that the ‘pipe bombs’ discovered at the RNC and DNC on January 6th were…planted by law enforcement personnel…to be used if needed to seal the steal, or to be dismissed as an unsolvable mystery if not.

There is no mystery left; there’s only a contest to see if honesty has any place any more in Washington, DC.

The 2020 election was stolen in a variety of ways using a variety of methods (e.g., machine manipulation, mail-in ballots, censorship or suppression of Hunter Biden’s laptop)…under the control and direction of elements of the US government.

The ‘primal scream’ J6 righteous protest of the American people who knew their election had been stolen from the moment vote counting was stopped simultaneously on Election Night in five key counties in five key swing states…gave rise to both (1) a real possibility that elected officials would act to delay certification of the result, and (2) an opportunity to use and entrap the J6 protesters to create an emergency whereby the Congressional rules and procedures surrounding certification could be sidestepped and certification railroaded through instead.  The US federal government seized upon option (2), which had the additional benefit of allowing the word ‘insurrection’ to be willed into a thing that later robot courts could arguably latch onto (the Colorado Supreme Court, notably) to disqualify Trump from standing for another election.

The American people–and their precious heritage of freedom–are being gamed into oblivion with an avalanche of planned and executed lies, enforced by a cowardly, incompetent, or corrupt court system.  Covid and the border are two other cesspools of destruction springing from deceit.  But the world itself is hurtling toward unspeakable catastrophe because of an American ruling class that has chucked basic honesty out the window in favor of end-justifies-any-means thinking that preserves power for them.

History says the lies will not prevail.  Truth will.

Thanks to Julie Kelly and The Blaze for getting all of us a little closer to understanding the truth.  As X poster Kyle Becker put it today:

I don’t want my side to prevail. I want truth to prevail.

I don’t want my side to win. I want justice to win.

I don’t want to undermine the U.S. government. I just want accountability and transparency.

I don’t want an America that fits my vision. I want an America that we can share in peace.

I want America to be America.


Julie Kelly 
In addition to destroying videotaped depositions and burying some written transcripts at Biden White House and DHS, J6 committee deleted files right before Dems were mandated to turn over all committee records to House GOP. Cover up, obstruction, contempt of Congress:
New York Post
House Jan. 6 Committee deleted more than 100 encrypted files days before GOP took majority: sources