Truth from Seth Keshel

Truth from Seth Keshel

You really don’t need volumes and volumes of data and analysis and pondering.  Seth Keshel has summarized in a few Telegram posts exactly what has happened with election fraud in America.  From today’s posts:

It should be obvious by now why the elected officials don’t “do the right thing,” like decertify elections, or anything along the lines of doing what the public wants or needs.

They’re not accountable, literally.

They rig their primaries.

Then they rig their elections.

There is no mandate for them to change.

The greatest red pill reveal in history will come when it is made evident to all that the most powerful nations of the world have fraudulently elected its leaders for several decades, manipulating world events, polls, statistics, and procedures to accomplish their end goals.

They screwed the pooch in 2016 and didn’t account for two time Obama voters in the Midwest electing an economic nationalist non-politician.

No way would they allow for a surprise like that again. Enter 11/3/2020. The ripples of manipulation are so evident they reach all the way to Hawaii. The equivalent of swatting a spider with a skyscraper.

The populist revolution continues. Enter Texas 2022 primaries.

When you know, you know.

The central planners for election manipulation understand statistics, too. Our elections are narrow decisions. Obama beat Romney in an electoral blowout, but it was still down to about 600,000 votes in 5 states. Trump was carried by 78,000 votes in 3 states in 2016.

The election margins are manipulated by inflating blue areas in many states, and by also introducing shaving the Republican margins in the red counties of red and purple states.

Consider how these stats can go nearly undetected.

The difference between a .250 hitter and a .300 hitter over a full season with 600 at-bats is 30 hits. About 5 hits per month. Or one hit every 6 games. Very narrow and nearly undetectable at surface level.

When you zoom out over the season, you see the difference. When I zoom out to states, I see the trends and the damage. It takes a bit of an eye for numbers to zoom in to the counties, and the precincts.

This stuff has been planned for years, and justified with “polling” and media narratives.