Fox News #1 rated television host Tucker Carlson delivers a keynote speech at the 50th anniversary celebration of the Heritage Foundation.  Strong off-the-cuff remarks.

While outlining the largest challenges that we all see and feel surrounding us, Tucker Carlson notes there are some positives that deserve to be recognized.

First, no matter how widespread the herd mentality is; no matter how entrenched it becomes amid the mass population; there will always be those voices who do not bend to the pressure of the effort.  There will always be those people who have strength of character, the strongest internal compass heading, that refuse to kowtow to the acceptable narrative.  When you see those people, recognize them, celebrate them, hold them up and cherish their strength.

Second, accept that our current status is no longer a battle of ideas.  Our current battle is a contest between good and evil.  Once you make this admission, first to yourself, then to those around you, only then can you select the correct armor to defeat that enemy.  This is critical, even for the nontheological minds that approach the issues of largest consequence.  The war around us is bigger than an argument about social constructs.  This is a fight between two universal forces, good and evil.

Every action taken within what at times will be an insurgency, must be predicated against these acceptances.  WATCH:

Put on all the armor that God gives you, so that you will be able to stand up against the Devil’s evil tricks.  For we are not fighting against human beings, but against the wicked spiritual forces in the heavenly world, the rulers, authorities and cosmic powers of this dark age.  So put on God’s armor now.  Then, when the evil day comes, you will be able to resist the enemy’s attacks; and after fighting to the end, you will still hold your ground“…