Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone

A pretty good summary of the Twilight Zone irrationality we are living through:

And don’t forget this testimony in the United States Senate from December 2020 (that’s December 2020!).  As you watch it, do you think Dr. Kory is a quack?  Insincere?  Do you sense from him a hidden agenda or motive?

Yet Big Tech does everything in its power to ‘disappear’ this testimony, cancel Dr. Kory, and continue with the ‘horse de-wormer’ narrative for a drug that has been administered safely and efficaciously to human beings over 4 billion times.

There is no conceivable good faith rationale for this behavior by public health officials or Big Tech.  There is an agenda, but it is not about public health.  It is about ‘experts’ who believe they have the right and the capability to take it upon themselves to remake humanity according to their vision, and are determined to allow nothing to stand in their way.  Not even ‘Worldwide vaccine failure‘.

Atheism, communism, materialism, totalitarianism…pick your ism.  But it is not about the pursuit of truth.