Twitter and Thought Manipulation – Elon Musk Lowers the Boom

Twitter and Thought Manipulation – Elon Musk Lowers the Boom

Take a moment to ponder Elon Musk’s tweet from yesterday about the extent of fake/spam/duplicate Twitter accounts (see below).

Elon Musk knows exactly what he is talking about and he knows exactly how ‘public’ his comments are…and how much legal liability could attach to him if , especially in the context of a pending deal to acquire Twitter, his public statements about fake Twitter accounts are false or otherwise made without any basis in fact.

Elon Musk is publicly stating there is some chance that over 90% of what Twitter has reported as ‘daily active users’ are fake.  Over. 90%. are. fake.

If he is right, he is uncovering fraud at a breathtaking level.  In simple terms, this magnitude of fraud means Twitter advertisers have been grossly over-charged relative to what they had been led to believe is the size of the audience viewing their ads.

Much more importantly, Musk is suggesting that the enormous influence the Twitter platform has had in shaping public opinion, and causing corporate America to cave in to the seemingly massive Twitter mob, is all based on fraud, or lies.  Twitter is not what it appears to be.

Truth is uncovering so many massive lies across so many institutions…it’s hard to keep track.  The entire Twitter board ought to be worried about criminal prosecution.  This ain’t funny.