The PC narrative: Have a heart! These are a small number of desperate people; why shouldn’t we support the efforts of the UN to care for them and give them a place to be safe?

  • The UN refugee program is not small; since implemented in 1975, over three million refugees have entered the US, with thousands expected in 2015.
  • Documentation, including behavior records, indicating exactly who these people are, is very limited and unreliable.
  • Very little is done to promote refugee assimilation into American culture; instead, enclaves of language and cultural separateness have developed. (e.g., the Somalians in Minneapolis)
  • The UN, in combination with the US federal government, is imposing settlement of refugee groups in various communities throughout the US without the consent of those communities—leading to further separateness.
  • Hundreds of thousands of unassimilated refugees living in separate communities do not add to the safety of the American culture; they represent a tearing of the fabric that holds it together.

America’s participation in the UN refugee relocation program should be suspended.

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