Understanding the Unappeasable Left; Interview with Filmmaker Curtis Bowers

Understanding the Unappeasable Left; Interview with Filmmaker Curtis Bowers

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The First Fifteen


Debbie speaks up about the need to recognize the unappeasable nature of the left in America.  Examples ought to make it clear for anyone paying attention.

  • Yet another bed & breakfast (this time in Illinois) is ordered to pay damages and attorney’s fees to a same sex couple, and ordered to serve the same sex couple, notwithstanding the owner’s Christian convictions.
  • North Carolina is being sued because it tried to limit public bathroom usage to anatomical correlation—i.e., you are what your body parts say you are.  Not according to the left.
  • Socialists are never satisfied with the level of government dependence and handouts; there must always be more.
  • The EPA claims to be able to stop anyone from digging a water well on their own property—just because they say so.


There isn’t going to be a way to compromise or find common ground with the left.  They believe government’s job is to control people; not to let them be free.  They must be fought and defeated.


A newly released Pew study tries to forecast the ‘look’ of American demographics in 2065—but fails to identify why trends are what they are, and how better policies can produce a better America.  Better policies are not about grouping people by race, ethnicity, language, but about re-teaching and re-learning the universal value of freedom.


Author and filmmaker Curtis Bowers calls in to talk about his new movie “Agenda 2” and the big picture trends going on in America.  From his college days at UC Berkeley through his days as an Idaho state senator, Mr. Bowers became very aware of how communist agendas operate very purposefully and deceitfully to take down America.  His documentary films bring all of this to light in a compelling way—his contribution to future generations of Americans.  The communists have always known:  indoctrinate the children, and in a generation or two you’ll eventually defeat freedom.


In a cruise through the news—a Pennsylvania judge has ruled Ted Cruz eligible to be on the Presidential primary ballot; an Illinois judge has found the same; so has a New York judge.


The UN’s top women’s group condemns just one country for violation of women’s rights—which one would that be?  Of course—Israel.  The UN is an anti-Semitic embarrassment.