Uniting America

Uniting America

Due credit to yet another patriot speaking up on Telegram:


How do you unite a divided country? A country in which the people have been intentionally divided against one another for decades in order for the cabal to get and retain power… divided by race, religion, gender, & class. A country in which lies & propaganda have been the tool of choice to taint public perception and demonize their opponents.

You use the “It’s a Wonderful Life” tactic. Allow the people to see what life is like without pro-American, pro-growth policies. Allow the people to see what happens when those policies are removed and replaced by communist/socialist policies. Allow the people to see the true intentions and real-life ramifications of those who wish to destroy America.
Allow the enemy an open door to enact their policies, and do the uniting for you!

People of all stripes and political persuasions come together to….
• Unite against government overreach
• Unite against anti-Americanism
• Unite against medical tyranny
• Unite against open borders
• Unite against economic disaster
• Unite against outsourcing manufacturing and jobs
• Unite against anti-law enforcement
• Unite against corruption in government
• Unite against fraud in elections and depriving citizens of their right to choose their leader.
• Unite against destruction of our customs and culture
• And unite against indoctrination in our schools with CRT

That’s how you unite America!