Vaccine Data from England – Are There Any Adults Paying Attention? UPDATED

Vaccine Data from England – Are There Any Adults Paying Attention? UPDATED

The dangers of the covid vaccine–which include the absence of any long term studies of adverse side effects–is a story the legacy media simply will not cover, or worse, will work affirmatively to deny the concerning data that is emerging everywhere.

Alex Berenson, formerly a reporter with the New York Times, has been vigilant and objective in his coverage of this topic.  Take a look at this post:  “Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age“.  Here is the embedded graph from the post (which is derived from publicly available data from the British government):

Any responsible adult with a modicum of common sense and with no agenda but to protect and preserve human life would take one look at this data and halt administration of the vaccine.  Such an adult would find it unthinkable to mandate something that extensive DATA says is actually having a documented lethal effect:  it seems to be killing people.  Yet Anthony Fauci urges full speed ahead on mandatory vaccinations, including of infants and small children, who have virtually no risk of catching covid, and even less risk of dying from it.

You don’t have to be pro-vaxx or anti-vaxx to reach a deeply disturbing conclusion:  what Fauci is doing in the face of reliable data like this is indefensible for someone allegedly responsible for public health.  There simply is no data-based reason not to call a halt to all vaccination until these results can be studied and explained.  And there should be no resumption of vaccination unless and until there can be a data-based, understandable analysis and rationale for why the ‘benefits’ of vaccination outweigh the detriments–for a disease that the CDC itself says has a 99+% recovery rate for virtually all people.

This is why growing numbers of people are smelling an agenda at work that is not about public health.  The smell is truly sickening.


The legacy media simply cannot be trusted anymore.  They have become propagandists for the state, and nothing else.  This is very, very dangerous for the stability of American society.

Fortunately, alternative media is widely available, though it takes time to develop a sense of trust in these, too, as many are merely freelance citizens without the resources to vet stories and people as much as might be necessary.

Alex Berenson is in our view a trustworthy source of information about covid.


UPDATE November 22, 2021:  The same ‘excess mortality’ among the vaccinated has been observed in a German study you can review here.