Victor Davis Hanson – The Insanity Governing America

Victor Davis Hanson – The Insanity Governing America

What a national treasure VDH is…voicing so articulately what men and women of conscience feel to their very core.


Victor Davis Hanson
How Can We Make Sense of the Current Senseless Absurdity?


Is what’s happening all a bad dream? The wage of utter incompetence? A bad joke? Nefariousness?

Perhaps the answer to fathoming the currently unfathomable is that the powers that run our national, state, and local governments must think something like this: “What is our next success after destroying the border and allowing in 8-million illegal aliens?”

Did New York offer an answer by not incarcerating arrested foreign thugs, illegally residing in the U.S., who had swarmed New York City police and kicked the heads of officers while on the ground? The few of the guilty who were apprehended and arrested were released on the same day. Adding insult to injury, as they were set free, they flipped bystanders and journalists the middle finger. And then they sneered on their way to California—and to free health care, housing, food subsidies, and scholarships for illegal aliens in Gavin Newsom’s $68-billion-in-the-red state.

Does the Biden administration wake up each morning thinking along the following lines: “How can we surpass that horrific 2021 retreat from Afghanistan?”

Perhaps allow the next Chinese spy balloon to traverse the continental U.S. with complete impunity?

Drain more oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve?

Allow the Houthis to close down all of the Red Sea?

Is the administration seeking to surpass its recent three-year record in the Middle East? So does it ponder how can it top ending oil sanctions on Iran, buying from Iran hostages for $1.2 billion each, restoring millions of dollars to Hamas, dropping the terrorist designation of the Houthis, or scrapping the Abraham Accords?

And so in answer, does it then dream up the idea of forcing Israel to declare a cease fire, or showing its patience by enduring 170 Iranian proxy attacks on U.S. forces in the Middle East without a credible response?

Do the prosecutors and plaintiffs who go after Trump compete to see who can become the most outrageous, absurd, and compromised? Is that their goal?

When Alvin Bragg campaigned for Manhattan District Attorney by promising to prosecute Trump, and then filed old charges against Trump on grounds that six years earlier he had improperly recorded his nondisclosure agreement with stripper Stormy Daniels, were other prosecutors envious about Bragg’s clever weaponization of the justice system?

Did Georgia Prosecutor Fani Willis then conjecture she could top Bragg in her suit about a Trump phone call to a registrar? So to direct her Trump prosecution, to create far more craziness than did Bragg, did she hire her stealth paramour, a divorce and personal injury lawyer without prior criminal or felony case experience, but with a lengthy record of using his generous compensation of over $650,000 from Willis’s office (including billing 24 hrs. of legal work within a single day) to vacation with Willis on cruises and tony junkets?

Did Willis think even that gambit was insufficient, so she had Wade secretly go to the White House to coordinate his suit against Trump—and then billed the government for the advice given him?

Did Attorney General of New York Letitia James feel jealous as well and so seek to top the public outrage over both? So after likewise campaigning on the promise to get Trump, was her idea to become even more audacious by indicting Trump for overvaluing his real estate assets to get a bank loan, and then sinning by paying the secured loan off on time, with interest, and to the profit and delight of the bank? Was the rub that Trump paid off the loan too quickly?

Did James’s achievement rest in trying Trump for a crime without a victim and the first of its kind in New York real estate history?

Was Biden administration special counsel and federal prosecutor Jack Smith feeling left out? So was his idea to charge Trump with illegally removing documents to Mar-a-Lago and forgetting to use his authority to formally declassify them?

Was Smith’s idea that Mar-a-Lago was simply too poorly secured, and Trump instead should have followed the superior model of former senator and vice president Joe Biden? Biden remember stacked his classified documents in cardboard boxes in his rickety garage that housed his vintage Corvette, with an attentive Hunter to occasionally to drop on by?

And did E. Jean Carroll watch all this, and likewise feel they were amateurs in prompting outrage, given her superior skills of dissimulation?

So Carroll filed suit on charges she was assaulted in a Bergdorf Goodman department-store dressing room, three decades ago. But she says it occurred in a year that she forgot, while she was allegedly wearing a designer dress that was then not in existence, and promoting a narrative that was almost identical to an earlier 2012 episode of Law and Order about an alleged assault in a dressing room in—the same Bergdorf Goodman department store?

Did Carroll feel even that narrative could not surpass the audacity of the other four, so before filing her suit against Trump she had upped the ante by tweeting Trump’s Apprentice was her favorite show, and creating an online ap game about how to break-up marriages and couples by using the greatest degree of conniving and “evil”?

Was Carroll’s dessert to refile her charges only after a leftwing New York state senator had passed a bill dropping the statute of limitations for a year, that allowed her to sue Trump for a purported assault sometime in 1994, 1995, or was it 1996? in the same department store used in the 2012 TV show?

How else but insanity do we explain the inexplicable that has now happened to this once great country?