Want to join me in a new venture?

Want to join me in a new venture?

     How often do you realize something that you have bought was “made in China,” and then you must decide how to proceed. If you listen to my show often, you know that the CCP has targeted America, that they intend to eventually destroy America, and that China’s overtaking of American manufacturing and jobs was a plan.


    I have joined in a new venture that will allow Americans to support American businesses, American workers and their families, and American-made products.


    I would LOVE to have you join me in this most honorable venture.


    All that’s required is a friendly voice, a phone and computer, a good work ethic, and a desire to support America. You can earn money from home by working about 10 hours a week.


     To learn how, register for a Zoom call with me, by going to JoinMyProject.org.  Our call will be on Wednesday April 12th at 7pm central time. I will be on the call along with our team manager.


     Join us on the call, and then decide if you want to join the team.


This is one way you can help to rebuild America’s strength.