Watch David Clements’ “Let My People Go”…and Share It!

Watch David Clements’ “Let My People Go”…and Share It!

David Clements will eventually find his way into the history books as an American hero.  His documentary on the rigging of the 2020 election is extremely well done; at this point in 2024, there is no excuse for anyone not knowing just how systemically rotten the entire election machinery is…BY DESIGN OF THE US GOVERNMENT.

The Big Tech/Big Government censorship efforts directed at “Let My People Go(free on Rumble, here) are so massively over the top that it takes only a modicum of common sense to ask:  why?  What are they so afraid of?  If the elections are so perfectly secure, why not open everything to audit?   Why not let Clements’ work be discredited by proof instead of censorship?

Watch “Let My People Go” and you will understand the answers to all these questions.

Clements is very intelligent, poised and articulate; his background as a criminal prosecutor has honed his skills at making the complex understandable, and his case morally compelling.

David appeared on America Can We Talk? yesterday; enjoy the interview here:  Debbie Georgatos | Interview with Prof. David Clements (Full Episode) | ACWT Interviews 3.7.24 (

The title of his documentary is profoundly apt; to those awake enough to see, the Deep State’s willful use of deceit and mental manipulation to control the people is just a more ethereal form of chains.  David Clements has made a terrific contribution toward breaking those chains.

Share the documentary far and wide; everyone can wake up…which will ultimately be to their benefit.  Freedom is the American heritage.