Weekly Email for the Week Ending July 2nd, 2021

Weekly Email for the Week Ending July 2nd, 2021

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Mark your calendars now for September 18th!
          AmericaCanWeTalk is hosting our Second Annual Summit in Dallas that day with extraordinary speakers and serious conversation about preserving our precious country. More information will be available shortly on our website, AmericaCanWeTalk.org.


Personally … (my weekly note to you):

    Happy July 4th!!!

Independence Day is a profoundly significant American holiday.

It is more than the celebration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. It is a celebration of the radical ideas the Declaration embraces.  The Declaration  declared that the starting point of thinking and planning everything about this new nation, is that we acknowledge and honor, and will build our entire new country around the timeless truth, that men and women have inherent rights given to them by their Creator, God, simply because they were born. Government exists to protect and secure these rights, and has power only based on the consent of the governed. These ideas are still radical today.

Our Founders wrote:


“We hold these truths to be self-evident,
that all men are created equal,
that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.—
That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed


In recent years my husband and I have celebrated Independence Day by hosting a small dinner at which our guests take turns reading short, profound quotes by our founders, and other significant thought leaders in American history. Friends gathered in our home depart at the end of these special evenings newly and deeply inspired about the identity and meaning of America, including the place of God, faith, and the Bible in the hearts of our founders and leaders.

HERE is a link to those readings. I feel sure you will enjoy them.

I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!



Below are links to this week’s shows.
Links to Full Shows from this past week:
(Trump Rally vs the POTUS Whisperer, Biden’s BIG Policies Bombing in Polls,  Biden’s Racialist Order, Gwen Berry & Representing America)
(Weakened Navy: Vulnerable America, & Drag Queens @ an Air Force Base, General Jerry Boykin & Flag Officers 4 America, Kamala & Border Balderdash)
(NYT Panic: Black Voters Reject Leftism, Pastor Stephen Broden: Content of Character,  Entitlement Expansion = Building Marxist Collective,  Leftists’ Relentless Pursuit of Trump)
This past week I had jury duty. Our Thursday Show for Members on 7.1.2021 did not happen because of that. Jury duty, BTW, is a wonderful opportunity to serve your country whether or not you are chosen to serve on a jury. Juries are vital to maintaining the rule of law, and a just and fair society.


Links to Top News & My Commentary from this past week:
Interviews This Week:
Lt Gen Jerry Boykin  is an original, founding member of the Delta Force, a highly decorated American veteran, an American leader. He is also one of the signers of the Flag Officer 4 America Open Letter from Retired Generals and Admirals, which is must-do reading for every patriot. This is an open letter to America, warning that America is in peril, is in a fight for our survival, and that the “conflict is between supporters of Socialism and Marxism vs. supporters of Constitutional freedom and liberty.”
Pastor Stephen Broden,  is the senior pastor at the Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church which he founded, and the founder of the Content of Character Series, a project that brings the conservative message to black churches around the country. It’s a precept upon precept spreading of truth about America and the virtues of America’s founding ideas.


Blog posts from this week:


Coming up This Week 
This coming Thursday July 8th, on our Special Members Show, Kevin Freeman will be our guest. Did you know that you may be making donations to the brutal and repressive CCP, the Chinese Communist Party, based on where your retirement funds are invested? Did you know that the CCP includes in its arsenal of attack against America, the presence of CCP controlled businesses on America’s stock exchanges? Kevin is the host of the Economic War Room show, an author of several books, and a nationally recognized leader on the topic of preventing Chinese economic infiltration of America. Join ACWT if you haven’t, and tune in Thursday to this very special show.


This coming Monday July 5th our studios will be closed in honor of Independence Day.


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