Weekly Email for the week ending on Friday, December 9th, 2022

Weekly Email for the week ending on Friday, December 9th, 2022

Welcome to the AmericaCanWeTalk Weekly Email for the week ending on Friday, December 9th, 2022!
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Hello My Very Fine Friends, 


One of the most profound and consequential reminders from the Bible and from human history is that in the midst of major struggles and overwhelming threats, when you can’t know how the story will end, you keep moving forward. You keep praying and  fighting and trying and working and doing. You don’t quit in the middle.


Joseph didn’t know when he was cast into the pit by his brothers that he would someday be second in command under the Pharaoh and would save his own family and thousands of others from famine. (Genesis 37 to 41.)  In the pit through no wrongdoing of his own, Joseph did not know how his life would come out, but he kept moving forward and doing the right thing. He resisted surrender and defeat.


George Washington did not know as he knelt in prayer in the snow at Valley Forge how or even whether the struggling new nation conceived in liberty would be able to defeat the forces of the mightiest military on earth, but he kept fighting. He led his troops into battle not knowing what the outcome would be, because he knew his cause was right and just, and that perseverance and sacrifice were needed.


The D-day troops had no idea if they could conquer Hitler’s armies, and the Normandy invasion appeared doomed at the outset. Those troops could not have known how that invasion would eventually reverse the course of war, change the world, defeat evil and restore freedom and peace. But they kept on with their assault.


America is at one of those “we are in the pit” “we are on our knees” “we are fighting because we must” crossroad moments right now. America needs this spirit of “we will keep fighting because we know we are in the right” more than ever, right now.


The Biden administration is barreling forward like an out-of-control freight train, steamrolling the future of freedom in America on a wide range of issues, with no regard for the promise of individual liberty, justice, freedom, rule of law, etc., that America is founded upon.


These attacks on freedom include:
     Selling out of the American people’s freedom to travel via signing on to the international vaccine passport agenda.
     The ever-expanding LGBTQ for small children agenda being pursued in Washington that seemingly leaves parents helpless at the hands of school officials and CPS authorities.
     The ongoing intentional abandonment of America’s southern border and the consequent flooding of America with illegal aliens including many dangerous ones, leaving schools, neighborhoods and our criminal justice system overburdened, insufficiently funded and inadequately protected.
     The planned complete takeover of your finances and resources through the development of the CBDC (central bank digital currency) power-grab that will leave the government and not you in control of your money.
     The many outlandish plans for the crushing of your freedom, justified by the goal to fight the now-debunked “climate change” alarmism, including draconian and absolutely unnecessary prohibitions and limitations, that will bring human suffering.
     Ongoing repression of freedom of speech and assembly and the corruption of the rule of law evident in the treatment of the J6 political prisoners, and the brazen announcement by the DHS that Americans who disagree with them might be domestic terrorists.

Election fraud tactics seemingly deeply embedded and unprovable and invincible, and the courts and the legislatures don’t care or won’t listen, so voting our way out of this mess does not seem possible.

    Perhaps most important, the wholesale slow selling out of America by our own government via support for the growing power-grabbing and freedom-strangling policies of WHO, WEF, UN and all sorts of other international organizations, whose globalist socialist agenda requires the defeat of American sovereignty and freedom.


The famed “Arc of History” seems to suggest that America is in decline, that our glory days as the shining city on a hill proving that people can live in freedom, are waning, that the rising Marxist forces in America have the country surrounded. More than a few patriots seem to be embracing the tactic of submission rather than fighting, with a “maybe they’ll kill me last if I am quiet and just submit” attitude.


So it’s time to remember Joseph, George Washington, the troops at Normandy, and countless other Biblical and historic figures whose examples teach us that freedom is worth fighting for even when things seem dark. Because it is.


There are FAR more freedom-loving American patriots in this nation than globalists and socialists and Marxists. God’s hand and power were evident countless times in American and world and Biblical history, and will be again in America. Fighting against Marxism in America today is fighting for the God-given freedom America is committed to acknowledging, honoring, and protecting.


Speak Truth About America.
Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.
I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!




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Dr. Richard Bartlett is a Texas-based doctor whose work exposing the availability of inexpensive and effective treatments for covid especially inhaled budesonide, and the dangers of the inadequately tested covid vaccines, has rendered him a popular national speaker. He’s an advocate for healthcare freedom and for protecting the primacy of the doctor-patient relationship. We discussed the Died Suddenly documentary and much more.





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