Weekly Email for the week ending on Friday, June 16th, 2023

Weekly Email for the week ending on Friday, June 16th, 2023

Welcome to the AmericaCanWeTalk Weekly Email for the week ending on Friday, June 16th, 2023!     


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Personally … (my weekly column for you!)


Hello My Very Fine Friends,  


Friday night at a dinner party with some well-informed and earnest patriot friends, nearly the entire lively but serious conversation circled around the destruction of freedom, of the rule of law, and of America itself, that is happening right before our very eyes. About what time it is in America. These conversations are happening all over America.


Saturday night we celebrated Father’s Day with a family dinner at a restaurant that was packed full of happy people, some at tables for two and others with very large parties. Babies and grandparents and every age in between filled the place with smiles, conversation, and laughter. These celebrations will happen all over America today.


The contrast between these two evenings is jarring.


Do the Saturday night families celebrating Father’s Day know what the Friday night patriots are so concerned about?  Were those families putting aside concerns for the future of America for just one evening, or alternatively are they oblivious to the destruction of freedom and America as we know it, happening all around them?
More on this in a moment.


Tucker Carlson’s latest show on Twitter summarized one aspect of why informed people are so deeply alarmed about the state of affairs in America. (Watch it HERE – it’s only about 12 minutes).  He based his commentary on a recent Fox News TV broadcast featuring a split screen with Biden on the left and Trump on the right, and the label briefly inserted at the bottom of the screen read “Wannabe Dictator Speaks at the White House After Having His Political Rival Arrested.”


That chyron’s truth stung. It made leftists (including Fox) crazy that even for a brief moment on national television, the truth of what Biden’s puppeteers are doing was splashed into American homes.


And it’s not just that Biden’s DOJ is on the warpath against Biden’s top political rival. It’s much bigger than that.


— It’s that the entire apparatus of the Biden administration is infused with the “protect Our Dear Leader and terrorize and intimidate the people” attitude that’s a hallmark of tyranny and dictatorships.
— It’s that the Marxist mindset that tramples on God-given rights, that honors government as all-powerful and treats citizens as limited to the freedoms government allows, has been normalized and legitimized in leftist circles in America today.
— It’s that the “leader” is immersed in corruption and dereliction of his duty, and no one seems to have the honor, power, or will to stop him.
— It’s that the Biden Regime, controlled entirely by unseen puppeteers, is dismantling America’s freedom, step by step.


Here are just a few examples (and there are dozens more).


— The DOJ relentlessly pursues Biden’s top rival Donald Trump over a nothing burger of a case regarding documents, while they refuse to cooperate with the House GOP request for information on the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago that led to the indictment. The DOJ and the propaganda media ignore far worse behavior by Biden (worse because he never had authority to remove any of the documents he took) because he’s the Dear Leader.


— Congress continues to amass evidence of the millions of dollars corruptly  flowing to the Biden family, with the latest announcement by Rep James Comer being that new Biden bank records will show the Biden’s accepted between $20 to $30 million from foreign nationals, but the DOJ appears to have as much interest in investigating this apparent abject, dangerous corruption as it does in investigating the felony-filled Hunter laptop.  Which is to say, zero interest.


— Biden has abandoned his fundamental responsibilities such as border enforcement and providing for a strong and robust military, in order to aid and abet the destruction of the country he took an oath to protect, and no one in authority is taking action against this.


— New arrests, trials, and sentencing continue for Americans who attended the J6 protest in 2021, most of whom were peaceful yet face prison time, sending the signal wider that no one better dare ever again challenge this Regime’s legitimacy.


—The CBDC effort to take complete control of the personal finances of the American people marches forward with nary a whisper of protest among even elected Republicans, despite the freedom-altering impact this will inevitably have, and the surveillance state it will usher in.


— The de-dollarization of the world’s currency, weakening of America’s economy and stabilizing stature in the world, ongoing and unchallenged in the face of Biden’s feckless “leadership.”


— Proof that elections are rigged, that electronic manipulation of voter software is real and happening and outcome-changing, is abundant and available. Yet not one state legislature and not one DC official took action to prevent it from happening again. So this selected, not elected, government rolls on.


— Parents risk loss of custody and even parental rights if they do not immediately surrender to the gender bender trans fad lunacy that has overtaken America’s schools and culture.


Consider a few popular analogies that apply to our present situation.


— Everyone knows the frog boiling “parable,” which is that if you toss a live frog into a pot of boiling water it’ll try to jump out, but if you place it in a pot of cold water and slowly turn up the heat, it won’t resist because it does not notice the heating that will eventually kill it.
— But do you know about the death by a thousand cuts idea, that each unchallenged jab inflicted against the health and wholeness of a person or a country, weakens the person or country and their ability to fight back, so the next jab by the powerful meets less resistance.
— Or how about the “Bread and Circuses” analogy, that a population can be lulled into submission by the mere presence of sufficient entertainment and basic human comfort. So long as we are not starving, and are amused, we won’t notice that our liberties are being slowly but surely destroyed, and if we do notice we may not even mind, so long as we have our bread and circuses.


There is probably a little bit of all three of these going on in homes across America.  We are not seeing the danger in the slowly rising government control over our lives (water temperature), we are a bit jabbed and weakened by the arrests of innocent fellow Americans in the J6 episode and the intimidation via censoring and mockery of not approved opinions and many other injustices we are all watching, and many of us are pretty darn content and comfortable.


So what can we do? How do we inspire the Americans who have no idea what is happening, to understand what the patriots at our dinner party are concerned about?


We need to see and say that what the Left is doing is a dangerous invasion of America. America as promised is being taken down. We are not living in the realm of normal American politics. We are at war.


We need as our starting point in our thinking that this invasion of America will be defeated because it is wrong and must be defeated. Have the same spirit that the American troops had at Normandy, and the Revolutionary War patriots had around the founding of America. That good must win and will win, so evil therefore must be defeated. Spread the “never surrender” message among ourselves.


We must reject the fatalism that is creeping into pro-America circles that says “there is no way out of the horrible bind America is in. The anti-American Left and the Deep State uni-party have control of all of the levers of power in America now and there is no way out.”


Resist the defeatism that seems to be settling in.


The purpose of this column is to urge you to never, ever, ever surrender on the idea of America or its promise of freedom for the individual. Not a whiff or a smidgeon or a pinch of surrender, EVER.  We must agree with ourselves that we can repel this invasion of America, and win.


Fighting to restore America’s unique and extraordinary greatness and premise of God-given liberty and rule of law is the most meaningful and consequential battle ongoing in America today. The fight is for the hearts and minds of millions of Americans who must wake up and then rise up and be part of restoring America.


We all have a role in that effort. My talk show and speeches are among the ways I am in the fight to save America. I LOVE that you are part of the AmericaCanWeTalk family and in this fight for America.




Speak Truth About America.
Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters. 
I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!


Because America Matters, 



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