Weekly Email for the week ending on Friday, June 23rd, 2023

Weekly Email for the week ending on Friday, June 23rd, 2023

Welcome to the AmericaCanWeTalk Weekly Email for the week ending on Friday, June 23rd, 2023!     
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Personally … (my weekly column for you!)


Hello My Very Fine Friends,  


Over the last several months, my husband and I have been immersed in the study of World War II, and in particular of our American troops and their extraordinary bravery, tenacity, grit, and persistence starting at the cliffs of Normandy and pushing through Europe to the final conquering of the German forces.  And the ultimate surrender of the Axis Powers.


We are in the midst of watching the HBO series Band of Brothers, based on Stephen Ambrose’s book also called Band of Brothers, both of which I highly recommend though will give the obvious warning that they contain violence that is hard to read about and to watch. The death, catastrophic injuries, brutal conditions, unspeakable misery, shortages of food and supplies, and yet deep camaraderie and bonded loyalty among the troops, along with their absolute unwavering determination that the evil of the Nazis must be and would be decimated, are breathtaking and awe-inspiring.


The Greatest Generation met and defeated the evil Axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) with extraordinary courage and at the great cost of their own suffering, because they knew that freedom and western civilization and America itself was worth fighting and even dying for. They met the threat of their day .


One major threat to America today, parallel to that posed by the Axis Powers, is Communist China and in particular the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and more broadly, communism, Marxism and socialism.


This CCP threat of today is aided and abetted by the infiltration into American society of communist, Marxist, and socialist ideology that has surreptitiously yet persistently invaded our country at the highest levels, including members of the U.S. House and Senate. The globalist/WEF/NWO agenda that pushes surrender of America’s sovereignty to international bodies such as WHO and various UN affiliated entities (most of which are controlled by the CCP) is another avenue of attack against America and freedom.


Meet Trevor Loudon who joined me on AmericaCanWeTalk this week to talk about his latest book documenting with footnotes and great detail the ongoing, purposeful, deliberate infiltration of America by communists. His most recent book is called House unAmericans: Part I: ALABAMA Dist 7  – CALIFORNIA dist 18. One of Loudon’s main missions is to expose the direct but deliberately hidden links between communism (CCP or the CPUSA or one of the CCP front groups in the US) and those whom we Americans elect to make our laws and govern our country. He also wrote a two part series about members of the U.S. Senate and their links to communism.


My Thursday interview with Marc Morano on AmericaCanWeTalk this week was a fast-paced fact-filled discussion of the utter farce that is global climate change. Two big takeaways are that overwhelming evidence exists that there is no danger arising out of rising co2 levels or rising temperatures, based on the government’s own data, AND that the ignorant fear of impending climate change disaster is being used to take your freedom away. Truly, the climate alarmism agenda will take away your freedom to travel, own property, drive your car and much more. And it’s right around the corner.


On both issues, climate and communism, the leftist mockery mob has manipulated Americans into thinking that anyone who questions climate change orthodoxy is a dangerous fool, and anyone yapping about communism is a far right conspiracy theorist. The agenda of the mockery mob is to intimidate those speaking up into shutting up, and to infuse into the hearts of the masses the fear of even reading and thinking for yourself. NO FACTS MAY BE PRESENTED, NO DEBATE ALLOWED, is the sop (standard operating procedure) of this mob.


In their time, the Greatest Generation had to fight with bombs and bullets, to put their lives on the line, to defend America.


All that we are called to do in our time is to speak up about these existential threats that America faces, to expose and spread truth. All that we face so far is mockery and the cancel culture. A pretty small price for doing our part to save America.


Speaking of China and saving America, recent show guest and military policy expert Brad Thayer explained very well why it is so dangerous that China has an expanding military base in Cuba. SO worth the read, even if China’s presence in Cuba preceded this present discussion, because China is emboldened today because America is weak.


My friend and formidable former CIA operative Sam Faddis wrote about the danger we Americans face of a second Cuban missile crisis because China is in discussions with Cuba about establishing a joint military training facility in Cuba. Think missiles within striking range of American soil, owned and operated by China which has openly stated numerous times in recent years that they are committed to the takedown of America.


So at this time when we need a strong U.S. leader in the White House to defend America’s interests against the perilous threat of China at our doorstep, we have the apparently China-compromised Joe “leading” us.


Mix together a stolen election, an occupied White House, a complicit DOJ and FBI that ignored and even stifled the Biden laptop evidence but instead spends time tracking down patriots who protested that stolen election, and the latest revelations of the Biden family receiving millions from the CCP, and you a have a recipe for horrific disaster.


Which leads me to my final point for this week’s missive.


Members of Congress are reacting very slowly to the latest revelations about CCP money flowing to the Bidens, and to the chilling, whistleblower-produced WhatsApp message from Hunter to Chinese businessman Henry Zhao that said Joe was sitting right there with Hunter, and threatened Joe Biden’s retaliation and holding of a grudge if Hunter’s demands were not met.


We need the greatest in today’s generation to rise to our occasion, as did the WWII-era greatest generation to their occasion.


Find the courage to speak up AND to tell your member of Congress and your Senators that Joe Biden should be impeached and removed. We need our elected officials to see this not at all as a political tactic, but as their duty to protect America, and we need them to know that we the American people will have their backs if they do this.


Thank you for watching and listening to AmericaCanWeTalk.  I LOVE that you are part of the AmericaCanWeTalk family, and in this fight for America with me.


Speak Truth About America.
Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters. 
I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!
Because America Matters, 


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Shows This Week:
All of our shows are always available for you to watch at our website, AmericaCanWeTalk.org.
Recent Interviews:   
Marc Morano is a well-informed and outspoken advocate for truth on climate. He is the author of many books including The Great Reset:  Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown as well as Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Think. He also founded and runs ClimateDepot.com, a wonderful source for truth on climate. Among the basics we covered are that the earth’s CO2 levels have been much higher over the millennia than they are now, and same for temperatures, MEANING human activity is not driving either in any significant way. LOTS of data here to learn… and then pass along to your friends and colleagues frozen in unnecessary fear of climate change.


Trevor Loudon is an intrepid researcher, writer and speaker on the topic of how insidiously yet widely the communists of today, mainly the CCP, spread their communist ideology and agenda. He also reveals how they manipulate policy proposals heard from government officials, lawmakers and policy leaders, around the world.   You THINK that the latest leftwing lunacy was actually just the thought of some leftist in your country, but what you’ll discover is that most of that crazy comes from communist groups, especially the CCP, and was fed and filtered through their web of innocently named organizations, right into the hands and mouths of leftist politicians.

This leftwing lunacy is designed to ultimately destroy America’s culture. Most of those arguing for these policies have not one clue where the idea came from or what they are talking about. Worse, many in authority DO understand and actively but secretively embrace communism.
Check out Trevor’s books HERE and HERE.




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Because America Matters, 


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