Weekly Email for the week ending on Friday, June 9th, 2023

Weekly Email for the week ending on Friday, June 9th, 2023

Welcome to the AmericaCanWeTalk Weekly Email for the week ending on Friday, June 9th, 2023!     


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Hello My Very Fine Friends,  


The DOJ announced today that they are bringing seven charges in 37 counts against former President Donald Trump over the issues arising out of presidential documents stored at Mar-a-Lago. Some of these documents had some level of classification attached to them, and all are documents that Donald Trump as president had complete, unquestioned authority to declassify.


Before dissecting the abundant inequities of this clearly political indictment and the overall situation, step back and consider that this is Joe Biden’s DOJ, literally Biden’s top attorneys, attempting to take out via prosecution, Biden’s #1 political opponent for the 2024 presidential election.


Consider also that Donald Trump got impeached by Joe Biden’s Democrat political allies for making a phone call to a Ukrainian official asking if they might want to investigate (real!) corruption (that related to Joe Biden and Burisma), and that call spawned hysteria in leftist media circles, as it was described as interference with the then impending election. If that phone call was interference in an election ….


Just a week ago the DOJ announced it would not be pursuing charges against former VP Pence over similar documents found in his home.


Worse, no action appears to be underway to prosecute Joe Biden over the documents he retained from his years as Vice President, those documents being stored both in Biden’s U Penn Center (which received $54 million from China), and also stored at his residence.


Neither Biden nor Pence had any argument that they had authority or permission to hold those documents outside of the White House, because both only served as Vice President (and thus had no declassification authority) when they came into possession of them.


The DOJ has not announced any investigations or indictments into the multitude of crimes exposed by the Durham Report, which confirmed what millions already suspected, that the Russia Hoax was a Hillary Clinton campaign smear job stunt and that the DOJ and many high-ranking officials knew it, but still pursued fraudulent FISA warrants and aggressive prosecutions.


Ditto on the zero indictments and notable silence from the DOJ arising out of the virtual confession of a multitude of crimes laid out in the Biden Laptop.


We are watching as Donald Trump called it the “Boxes Hoax” “witch hunt” going on relentlessly, while the real danger to America that is the heavily compromised Joe Biden continues to dither and blather and stumble and mumble his way through his completely orchestrated and deeply dangerous presidency, with no accountability at all.


Do you think that the DOJ would be pursing this case against Donald Trump if he were not running for President again? Or if he were polling at 1%? I feel sure the answer is no. In my opinion, the DOJ is selectively pursuing Trump because he’s on track to the presidency, and they know a reckoning will be coming. A BIG reckoning.


The obvious agenda of the DOJ is not merely to silence Donald Trump and make him unviable as a presidential candidate, it is to smother and crush the MAGA agenda. It is the determination to send the signal to the American people that the Deep State is in charge, and you cannot change that. Trump’s popularity with the masses of GOP voters is due to the pro-America, pro-freedom, pro-American sovereignty,  pro strong borders, pro free market agenda he represents, and that is the agenda that the leftists who now control the DOJ want to defeat.


We’ll take more about this on Monday’s show and likely for weeks to come, but the rising frustration and sense of powerlessness in the face of injustice in America, is palpable. I’ll never stop pushing for restoration of America and the rule of law and the crushing of globalism and new world order – ism, and I maintain that the vast majority of Americans agree.


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Speak Truth About America.
Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters. 
I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!


Because America Matters, 




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