Who is Torpedoing Vital Election Integrity Legislation?

Who is Torpedoing Vital Election Integrity Legislation?

Patriots around the country are slowly but surely realizing that red state legislatures — that have the power to pass meaningful election integrity reform in 2021 — are refusing to address the single most important election fraud tactic:  vote manipulation via computer hacking.


The question iswhy?  Why isn’t there a bill in every red state legislature that is directly aimed at protecting voting machines from access by hackers?


Even if these legislators remain unconvinced of the existence or scope of electronic election fraud in 2020, everyone knows that computers can be and frequently are hacked often with great sophistication and by well-funded efforts, and that voting machines contain among the most precious and consequential data on the planet. They contain the votes the American people cast to choose their country’s leaders and endorse their policies for shaping America. 


The incentive to hack into them to control them is monumental…”trillion$ are at stake”.


Legislators, legislative advisors and prominent think tank experts involved in crafting election integrity legislation either deny the existence of electronic voting fraud, or blithely and irrationally claim that other band-aids like cleaning up voter rolls, revising early voting rules, limiting eligibility for absentee voting, and banning the mass mailing of unsolicited mail-in ballots, will be enough to assure fair elections and to address the American people’s concerns.


Absurdity abounds in the explanations and defenses offered for refusing to directly confront electronic election fraud.


Initially some tried to claim that voter tabulation computers and voting machines were not connected to the internet, so hacking was not possible. This has been disproven repeatedly by such irrefutable sources as the very manuals issued by voting machine manufacturers that instruct operators to start by connecting to the internet.  There is also video of an election worker watching Netflix on the computer being used for election management.


Others argue that there is no reason to include provisions to protect against electronic hacking of voting machines because there is no irrefutable proof that electronic hacking occurred in 2020.


In what other department of life do we reason in that way–that although a clearly realistic danger exists we will not protect ourselves against it until after we have been attacked by it?  This is like building a new house without installing a lock on the front door because your house has never been robbed in the past. We don’t wait to be robbed before we decide to install front door locks, and we should not wait for undeniable proof of past electronic vote manipulation before “installing” legislative protections against it.


Still others try to defend the refusal to legislate along these lines by pointing out that electronic election fraud has not yet been proven in court, and in fact courts have repeatedly dismissed cases involving these allegations. But in virtually every case, the courts dismissed these cases on procedural grounds, not because they examined and then rejected the evidence. They never looked at it.  Ditto on the federal government. The cyber experts at the FBI, DOJ and NSA never reviewed the evidence.  They did not investigate.


In summary, no rational explanations have been offered for refusing to fight electronic election fraud in election integrity legislation.


Which leads to a theory about why these GOP legislatures will not address securing the voting machines to guard against electronic hacking:


Many in the ruling elite circles are loath to validate former President Trump’s claims that the 2020 election was stolen.


Legislating against vote manipulation via computer hacking implies that Trump was right, and that such chicanery happened in 2020.


Legislating against vote manipulation via computer hacking would also underscore or validate the need to get to the bottom of the 2020 election fraud, something the ruling class Trump-haters sorely wish to avoid.


Legislative paralysis, on the other hand, can act to not only delegitimize Trump’s claims of election fraud, but also to dishearten his base, and dissuade conservatives from continuing to consider Trump as a leader in the conservative movement.


It’s not news that Trump hatred is a real thing among establishment Republicans (think Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell).  RNC leaders, elected establishment figures and ubiquitous behind-the-scenes opinion shapers, including the Republican consultant class, are in varying degrees Trump loathers, opposed to the MAGA agenda that threatens to rob them of their ruling class stature.


So…this theory, that massive but secretive pressure on legislatures to avoid addressing electronic election fraud is coming from elements of the elite ruling class, is validated not only by the obvious motives of the overt Trump haters, but by grapevine rumors, snippets of conversations, and defiant but private statements by elected officials along the lines that protections against voting machine hacking are ‘dead in the water’ in 2021.


The details of the grapevine stories and to whom various statements may be attributed are not substantiated enough to print and name names, but the substance of the message is entirely believable as coming from establishment or ruling class GOP thinking.


This theory is also supported by common sense. In the absence of any rational reason for legislators to refuse to address electronic election fraud, some hidden source of pressure on them must explain their irrational defiance.



Assuming this theory is true, the GOP ruling class is effectively saying:  never mind that rigged elections represent the actual end of America as a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  Never mind the disillusioning, demoralizing impact on the American people of watching their ruling class deny truth and ignore common sense about rigged elections.  No, that is not what is important.  What is important is that the GOP ruling class remain the GOP ruling class, and that no one, least of all the American people, shall be able to choose leaders not already chosen by the ruling class.


That’s a message that may someday be recognized as ‘incitement’.



It is absolutely imperative for America to investigate and then come to grips with the stolen election of 2020, and to take action to make sure to as great an extent as humanly possible that it never happens again.


That’s a conclusion not based on belonging to some Trump-can-do-no-wrong fan club.  It is based on belonging to the save America movement that is sweeping the country.