Why It Matters – The April 10th Show

Why It Matters – The April 10th Show

Bud Light Blowup & Riley Gaines Assault


Bud Light chooses trans-gender spokesperson

  • Bud Light VP Marketing wanted to move away from ‘fratty’ brand; more ‘inclusive’
  • Public reacts with disgust…Kid Rock ‘shoot-up-cans-of-Bud-Light’ video goes viral
  • Bud Light sales tank nationwide; no signs of recovery…may have killed the brand

All-American female swimmer Riley Gaines speaks out on unfairness of ‘losing’ to a male

  • Assaulted and held hostage by ‘trans’ activists shrieking like crazed demons
  • Police unprepared and unsure how to protect Gaines from such mobs

Emerging evidence: Big Money/Wall St/SPLC pressuring all brands to impose trans-ideology

At the core:  trans-ideology is about Marxism replacing Christianity and Christian morality

Fruits of Trans-ideology:  rising violence, murder, mayhem

“…know them by their fruits”


AOC Doubles Down On Moral Lunacy: Biden vs Thomas


Money trail/hard evidence abounds that the US President is a controlled asset of the CCP

  • CCP has declared itself to be at war with America; intends to take down America
  • Total silence from ALL Dems re the implications of this monumental danger to America
  • A President acting on orders of America’s No. 1 sworn enemy: isn’t’ this treason?

YET…leftist leader AOC wants to impeach SCOTUS Justice Thomas over fly-fishing vacations apparently paid for by a personal friend of Thomas

AOC’s posturing illustrates something far beyond mere hypocrisy or double standards

This is moral idiocy on steroids

America is in profound existential danger if AOC is taken seriously…by anyone


Tennessee Insurrection?


Tennessee State Capitol legislature actually breached/disrupted by organized leftist mob

  • Mob demanding gun control after trans-shooter kill six people at Christian school

GOP majority in Tenn. legislature responded by expelling 2 of 3 Dem legislators/instigators

  • Declined to expel woman legislator who apologized for behavior

VP Kamala Harris travels to Tennessee to denounce GOP actions

  • Harris did NOT meet with families of Nashville shooting victims

Biden/leftist/Marxist cabal is ALL-IN to impose the trans-ideology

  • Also all-in to support an actual mob insurrection in Tenn. v. J6 hysteria over non-insurrection

Danger to America: 

Not that Biden/leftist/Marxist cabal does not see hypocrisy of their actions

it’s that they don’t care…their mission is Marxist revolution


WH lining up social media influencers


MSM narratives are NOT persuading the American people anymore…WH in panic

  • Trump’s popularity increasing
  • Ukraine war propaganda not believed
  • ‘Safe and effective vaccines’…trustworthy Fauci…all understood as complete bunk
  • ‘Secure southern border’ transparently false

WH solution to narrative failure

  • Bring in social media ‘influencers’ to the WH on a regular basis
  • Give them their own press briefing room
  • Give them talking points to explain how great Marxism is
  • Trust the influencers to do what the MSM used to do to prop up the regime

Prediction:  This will FAIL, yugely

Ignorant and mindless ‘followers’ will remain ignorant and mindless

The internet-engaged will find truth…influencer propaganda will backfire