Why It Matters – The April 11th Show

Why It Matters – The April 11th Show

Leftism Killing America


America’s blue cities are the cesspool outcome of leftist ideology

  • Defund the police

ècrime rates soar

  • No hope for redemption and reformation in a godless/leftist society

èhomelessness and mental illness increase exponentially

  • Legalize drugs, legitimize addiction

èneedles and feces on the streets

Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago…all former ‘alabaster cities’ gleaming

…now violent, unlivable wastelands, with Dem leaders in utter denial of what is happening

…and no solutions except throw more money and social workers at the problems

These declines are not inevitable nor inexplicable

Replace God-inspired law and order and morality with Marxism

..and this is what will happen, every time


Texas UBER conviction: Mob Justice?


America’s foundation of free speech and right to protest is healthy and moral

  • Leftists destroyed the foundation in 2020 George Floyd riots
  • Leftists assert: property destruction and violence are okay and exempt from law enforcement

èIncreasing chaos and anarchy around every leftist ‘protest’ everywhere

  • Austin Texas Uber driver surrounded by BLM mob with AR-15 pointed at him

….and he fired back in self-defense

  • Austin-based Soros DA takes the side of mob justice

…secured murder conviction in case of obvious self-defense

Mob justice intimidates and perverts the entire judicial system

judges, prosecutors, juries, defendants…all are afraid of the violent mob

…and outrageous injustice is the inevitable result


SF Whole Foods (& More) Shut Down


Whole Foods announced closure of flagship SF store…less than a year after opening

Can’t operate in atmosphere of lawlessness

Neither employees nor customers feel safe

Walmart closed 21 stores in CA in 2021 for the same reasons

Insurance for shoplifting losses no longer available

How can any thinking person in America not be ‘red-pilled’?

Godless, lawless society loses the ‘thin veneer of civilization’

Leftist ideology must be recognized as catastrophic for everyone…and rejected, denounced

Reagan was clear in Time for Choosing:  It’s Up or Down Time

MAGA is UP; leftism is down

Choose to make America Great Again


FBI Spies on Catholics?


Christopher Wray’s FBI:  Another day, another lie

  • Wray testified to Congress that FBI was not spying on Catholic churches
  • Docs/whistleblowers now prove: FBI was/is spying on Catholic churches

Wray will be subpoenaed to testify to Congress again

…more word-smithing to make lies seem like partial truths, harmless mistakes

Thuggery and intimidation tactics continue with FBI treatment of J6 protesters

Unclear if Wray believes he is honest, or believes leftist ends justify any means

Either way, there is no way to reform the FBI from within

The FBI must be terminated; the entire justice system radically reformed