Why It Matters – The April 11th Show

Why It Matters – The April 11th Show

Tyranny Rising – Hills to Die On


It is time to draw lines on these issues…the stakes are monumental, historic; getting them wrong means the ‘thousand years of darkness’ Reagan warned about

  • Election integrity – without it, democracy is over
  • What America is – birthplace of ‘individual freedom and responsibility under God’
  • Freedom of Speech – censorship creates mindless masses
  • Border Enforcement – without it, not a country
  • Health Care Freedom – individual sovereignty, rights of conscience, ‘where there is risk, there must be choice’
  • Currency digitization & social credit score => totalitarian control
  • Rule of Law – no justice from a politicized, weaponized, completely corrupt FBI and DOJ
  • Children & Sexual Grooming – no stability in a society of parentless, sexualized children

The blessings of America as founded have never been in sharper focus

The installed leftist regime is seeking America’s destruction

we the people are the only defense


Systemic Grooming: Schools & Disney Battle


Sexualization of young children is wrong and indefensible and incalculably damaging to society

Poor teaching of traditional academic subjects carries a terrible price in perpetuating ignorance

But allowing public schools to sexualize (groom) young children is exponentially more damaging

  • A direct attack on the family and Judeo-Christian faith

Disney’s woke corporate response is beyond tone-deaf

Disney’s Board of Directors and C-suite of officers will never U-turn unless and until Disney’s revenues and business prospects take a sustained and increasingly large hit…

  • It’s up to ‘we the people’ to deliver this result…do enough Americans care?



Covid Tyranny & Shanghai Screams


Extreme lockdowns in Shanghai ought to sound alarm bells among free people

ØScreaming apartment dwellers



ØKilling pets


This is what is possible in a nation with no Bill of Rights…no concept of healthcare freedom…no ability of citizens to question authorities or pursue alternatives

Americans must never give up their heritage to any pandemic


Iranian Invaders


Significant underreported story…

  • Two Iranians infiltrated US Secret Service…finally discovered and arrested
  • Their apartments filled with weapons
  • Looks very much like an ‘avenge Soleimani’ operation…unclear who was main target

Yet Biden admin in negotiations with Iran to give them everything they want for nuclear weapon development???

The occupant of the White House either

  • Has no understanding of America’s enemies…or
  • DOES understand America’s enemies…and is embracing them


Elon Musk Shaking Things Up


Musk’s investment in Twitter is melting the left

  • Twitter SF hdqtrs as homeless shelter?
  • Noting Twitter users with big followings…who don’t tweet anymore

Pressuring major change in Twitter’s censorship policies

Musk’s reversal re taking a Board position suggests possibility of later hostile takeover

Musk is becoming America’s favorite maverick

…more libertarian than anything else

…being a native of South Africa makes him hard to stereotype

…and being the world’s richest man makes him hard to contain

Big Tech NEEDS the Musk shake-up