Why It Matters – The April 12th Show

Why It Matters – The April 12th Show

BLM Marxist Millionaires


  • Patrisse Khan-Cullors, Marxist founder of BLM, recently buys $3M in homes in CA & GA???
  • Fidel Castro died with $900M net worth
  • Hugo Chavez died a billionaire
  • The ugly underbelly of Marxist, anti-capitalist societies:
    • Wealth concentration + gap between rich and poor more extreme than in free market economies
    • Wealth accumulation based on political allegiance, corrupt cronyism…not competition

The Marxist/socialist pitch of fairness and equality is a web of lies

will Americans fall for it?


CEOs Demand Election Fraud


Yale professor gathers 100+ CEOs on zoom to talk of how to defeat election reforms

These people are not experts in election legislation…but “political unrest is bad for business

It is time for patriots and elected officials and common sense CEOs to unite and fight

  • Yes, political unrest IS bad for business
  • But election fraud causes unrest
  • Suppression of election fraud, and opposition to election reform, fuels unrest

Misguided, Left-leaning CEOs are uniting to destroy the pro-business environment of America

Free and fair elections + free markets under the rule of law are essential for business

Patriots MUST stand up and resist these CEOs


Great American Manipulation Exposed


  • Julie Kelly in American Greatness

“January 6 is the New Russiagate Lie”

Insurrection!  Yet no arms found; evidence of misdemeanors at most

Five deaths!  Yet only one was due to violence – cop shooting unarmed protester

Large segment of Dems still believes in Russia collusion hoax

How long will they believe in Jan.6 as insurrection?

  • KGB defector Besmenov’s ‘love letter’ to America in 1984 resonates

Communists at war with America; making useful idiots believe things that are not true

Demoralization, destabilization, crisis, normalization…around totalitarian control

  • Victor Davis Hanson: ‘woke-ism’ is entirely tribal; eliminates progress through merit

      Are enough Americans going to wake up soon enough to end the manipulation?


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