Why It Matters – The April 13th Show

Why It Matters – The April 13th Show

Q’s for Woke Corporate “Leaders”

If Georgia’s duly-passed-by-the-elected-legislature election reform legislation is bad enough…

…to move the MLB All-Star Game from Atlanta

…to cause the CEOs of Delta, American and United Airlines to publicly condemn it

Why are they ok working with Cuba?  No meaningful voting rights in Cuba

Why are they ok working with China? No meaningful voting rights; slave labor in China

Why are they ok w/the fed govt allowing illegal immigrants to fly anywhere in America w/o ID?! 

And BTW, what exactly is wrong with the Georgia election reform legislation? (Nothing)

Do they know Footlocker donated $200M to BLM and STILL BLM Rioters looted their stores?

Woke CEOs have completely lost their grounding in virtue

Which leads them to be oblivious to their own hypocrisy

They are STILL Vulnerable to the MOB


AFPI Launches – DO Something!


The America First Policy Institute launches–

Dedicated to furthering the America First agenda

Led by former senior Trump administration officials:

Brooke Rollins, CEO; Linda McMahon, Board Chair; Other trusted leaders

  1. Policy analysis PLUS advocacy needed to fight ruling class and the radical left
  2. This think-tank & others, and The People are needed to change America’s trajectory
  3. Winning the war for the heart and soul of America requires a long-term battle of ideas.

Battling in ‘the arena of ideas’ is the American ideal

We MUST Make it Matter

CNN Reveals Trump Agenda


Project Veritas’ latest video exposure:  CNN admission of a ‘dump Trump’ agenda in 2020

A deliberate focus on getting Trump out of office

News of MSM/CNN bias isn’t really ‘news’ anymore, but brutal clarity of it should be alarming

Nearly every decades-old “journalistic” institution in America has drunk the leftist Kool-Aid and should be treated skeptically OR completely ignored.

CNN is free to be as biased as they want to be BUT Americans must be alert! 

When they proclaim their agenda, believe them!

WATCH OUT for CNN’s planned deception/manipulation of America

on the Climate Change fear-mongering