Why It Matters – The April 13th Show

Why It Matters – The April 13th Show

Schools: Stop Negotiating with Woke Loonies

(Polyamorous Gender Fluid Witch Teacher)


FLA teacher proudly announces on TikTok her identity as a polyamorous, gender fluid witch

Doesn’t require special genius to understand why this teacher should be removed from teaching children….just requires common sense and moral courage

The American people DO know right from wrong; they DO know what moral health is

They are being intimidated and ‘gaslit’ by the left into giving up their common sense

It’s time to call out nonsense and refuse to accommodate it or negotiate with it

It’s time to stand for truth


Retaking Colleges for America: Allen West Attacked


Lt. Col. West address at Univ. of Buffalo:  “America is Not a Racist Country”

Shouted down by mob chanting ‘black lives matter’; West had to be escorted out by police

Again…no special genius required to know this is unacceptable behavior in America

Univ. officials must have the moral courage to:

  • Insist on civility
  • Set rules for civil protest
  • Give clear advance warning to abide by the rules or face specified consequences
  • Arrest and remove violators; expel them from the school

The remedy for mob-based cancel culture is not complicated

But it requires moral courage


LinkedIn: ANOTHER Big Tech Speech Censor


Female veteran/LinkedIn member posts opposition to student loan forgiveness

Permanently banned from LinkedIn for ‘hate speech’

  • What on earth does support or opposition to student loan forgiveness have to do with hate?

This is Silicon Valley leftist groupthink at work

  • Google, Facebook, Twitter and now LinkedIn all controlled by the same censorship policies

The American people must stop patronizing woke corporations

they will not be convinced to change policies any other way


Election Fraud Caused Jan 6:  Here is The Fix


Jan. 6th Committee will not be able to change reality:  the American people know they witnessed a stolen election on Nov. 3rd, 2020 and they were moved to protest on Jan. 6th

  • Vote-counting stopped on election night (this had never happened in all of US history in ONE state, much less five)
  • And all five states were ‘swing-states’
  • And vote-counting stopped when Trump was comfortably ahead in all five
  • And all five went for Biden after vote-counting resumed and ballot dumps made with ridiculous pro-Biden vote ratios

There was no ‘storming of the Capitol’ on 1/6…Capitol police on video waving people in

Nothing needs fixing re Jan. 6th except the election fraud tools that gave rise to it

‘Vote Amish’:  See Seth Keshel’s 10 points for correcting election fraud