Why It Matters – The April 14th Show

Why It Matters – The April 14th Show

Religious Freedom Lawsuits


CA covid rules impose ‘tiers’ of restrictions on gatherings; ‘commercial’ diff. than ‘social’

Indoor gatherings at tattoo parlors OK; indoor gatherings for Bible study not OK

CA view:  Bible study/prayer just another meaningless social activity

Dist.Ct and Appellate Ct. sided with CA; SCOTUS said no, in 5-4 vote

This is the USA—A First Amendment guarantee of the free exercise of religion?

Mercer U theology professor with prayer “dear God, help me to hate white people”

Focused on hating white people who watch Fox or support Trump because, according to her, they are closet racists who do not deserve the Christian teaching to look for good in people


Leftism defiles and distorts everything, including Christianity

The real leftist goal is the banishing of Judeo-Christian religion


CNN: Matt Gaetz, COVID & More


Project Veritas videos of CNN personnel explicitly confirm:

  • A CNN corporate mission to get rid of Trump
  • Deliberate spreading of Dem ‘propaganda’ to harm Matt Gaetz—because he’s pro-Trump
  • Hype of covid fear because it’s good for ratings

The reality for witting and unwitting MSM viewers/listeners:

They are not informed

They are indoctrinated


A people led by those who admittedly lie and deceive is in serious danger

They are not Free people…They are controlled

Americans must wake up