Why It Matters – The April 14th Show

Trump’s Reopen America Commission


A necessary commission, with a critical purpose…and a need for credibility

Including Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump is understandable, but not a good look

  • The President needs people he trusts, not Deep State snakes
  • Jared/Ivanka are MORE well-informed and well-connected than most Americans
  • Jared/Ivanka input could be obtained without official participation on the ‘Commission’
  • Jared/Ivanka on Commission speaks volumes about how few Trump can trust
  • Business leaders & economic advisers round out the group & bring the expertise needed

Trump is unafraid of being a leader

            He has the right to get advice from whoever he wants

                        He is prepared to take the nepotism attacks



Trump’s Corona-Presser Takedown


The MSM’s TDS is shocking, difficult to comprehend, harmful to the country

The MSM acts with no purpose except to destroy Trump…Truly bizarre

No interest in helping America, if it means acknowledging Trump has done something right

Early shutdown of air travel from China…recast as to too late, and not enough

Efficacy of hydroxychloroquine…better to let people die than to get well with a drug touted by Trump

Minimal deaths from CV-19 relative to initial projections…utterly discounted if it means facilitating reopening of economy rather than continued shutdown/depression

President Trump is the only President in living memory who fights back against a lying MSM…and the MSM is flummoxed to be on the defensive


Boris is Back; So Are 300,000+ Others


Americans and all citizens of the world: Be reminded!

RECOVERY from COVID-19 is THE RULE, not the exception

UK PM Boris Johnson is a strong individual reminder, but

Johns Hopkins reports over 300,000 people have recovered from COVID-19

Wikipedia: In the world: 1.9 million cases, 467,000 recovered, 123,000 deaths


With recovery the rule, and the mortality rate no worse than a bad flu season…