Why It Matters – The April 15th Show

CV and Hydroxychloroquine Facts


Hydroxychloroquine efficacy has been documented internationally and domestically

France, India, California, Florida, Texas

Fish tank cleaner episode a complete MSM fabricated smear

Why would anyone attack even the trial of a drug in the face of efficacy data???

These are among the reasons why informed Americans

are growing suspicious and restless

Rationality isn’t governing medical input; an agenda seems to be at work

MSM attitude of disparagement and discrediting of hydroxychloroquine is inexplicable except as TDS


Vaccine Tyranny: ID Cards and More


Dr. Fauci has already endorsed the idea of immunity cards based on vaccination records

Vaccination science has already developed ‘invisible quantum dot tattoos’ that open up the potential of 24/7/365 ‘health monitoring’ of every individual

This puts the end of freedom on America’s doorstep

These are the tools of total government control of individuals

The good intentions of whoever and whatever starts the use of such tools are irrelevant

Think of FISA and how it was abused once in leftist hands

The abuse of immunity cards is infinitely more serious and dangerous than the abuse of FISA