Why It Matters – The April 16th Show

Why It Matters – The April 16th Show

Rogue “Political” Texas State Bar Exposed 


Texas State Bar effectively embraced the leftist ‘65 Project’ to disbar lawyers who raise legal objections to election processes

  • Initiated proceedings to disbar OAG lawyer involved in SCOTUS filing over 2020 state election irregularities

ØThe 2020 election was fraudulent and stolen

ØDecisive evidence of the steal is at SCOTUS in Lake v. Fontes from 2022 AZ election

ØThe 65 Project politicizes the practice of law, and weaponizes law against political opponents

ØNo State Bar should entertain such nonsense, much less disbar attorneys over it


Leftist Assault on the Rule of Law will be irrevocably damaging if not reversed

Texas State Bar needs to understand the evidence of the steal

and reverse course on disbarment efforts


Further Fallout From 2020 Election: Israel Abandoned by America


  • Biden admin’s obvious pivot against Israel is heartbreaking for America and the world
  • America now led by muddled thinking that cannot or will not recognize the difference between a vibrant Israeli democracy and the Hamas terrorist/barbarian organization
  • In 2024 election, America MUST remove the leftist installed cabal

ØNothing safe, secure or good for the world can emerge from the Biden cabal’s muddled direction


The 2024 Election is an existential event for America

VDH:  “Are you voting for civilization, or not?”


Trump’s Charade Trial Raises America’s Banana Republic Rating


NYC farce show trial v. Trump is plumbing new depths of weaponized justice

  • Fines and jail time for violating an order to stop talking about judge’s obvious, disqualifying conflict?
  • Trump not allowed time to attend son’s graduation?

NYC elites live in a bubble where they believe their behavior wins universal ‘attaboys’  BUT

  • The American people outside this bubble DESPISE what is happening in this lawfare

Any rulings or result adverse to Trump will SUBSTANTIALLY

Strengthen and increase Trump’s popularity

The American People have had enough…and Lawfare is only adding to their anger


Berkeley’s Conundrum: Israel, Palestinian Protest & Free Speech


Leftist Jewish UCBerkeley leaders finding out what they have sown…

  • Benevolent dinners with students have turned into unruly pro-Palestinian protests

Jewish support of left-liberal causes has blinded many to reality

  • The left ultimately hates Godè hates the Bibleè hates Jews
  • Islam does not embrace peace with Judaism; they are irreconcilable

UCBerkeley leaders are re-learning reality…

Will this red-pilling incident have lasting impact?