Why It Matters – The April 17th Show

Why It Matters – The April 17th Show

5th Gen Warfare:  You’re the Target & America‘s the Victim


Psyops and 5G Warfare – What is going on?  Who is pulling the strings?

  • Popular icon of the black community – Donald Trump – demonized by MSM into a raving racist
  • Russia collusion fixed the 2016 election – a total fabricated hoax
  • Obvious election rigging in 2020 installed a leftist cabal to rule against the American people
  • J6 emerging as a fed setup…Pelosi’s actions inexplicable; 40 fed agents; Tucker videos
  • Covid – evidence emerging: a plandemic from start to finish
  • Vaccine death and injuries – data is overwhelming ‘safe and effective’, but narrative continues
  • Southern border is secure – a transparently ridiculous, malignant lie
  • Ukraine war – US IS involved in undeclared war…Ukraine IS losing…govt has blatantly lied
  • Ukraine war leaks – nobody believes a 21 year old gamer did this by himself
  • Trans ideology – instantly transformed away from mental illness; attack on Christianity
  • Riot and crime – Chicago and Compton becoming war zones…but mayor says don’t blame the kids??!!

5G warfare’s goal:  to win without firing a shot…you are being played

   Drive Americans into submission…giving up freedom and individual sovereignty

For a false promise of safety and security