Why It Matters – The April 18th Show

Why It Matters – The April 18th Show

NYT Slams God on Easter


NYT publishes Easter Sunday op-ed (correction: published on Good Friday) urging readers to ‘give up God’

Never difficult to find a writer angry at God for bad things happening in the world

This writer was a former Jew, angry at Moses for Egyptian soldiers drowning when the Red Sea collapsed on them (???!!!)

NYT’s choice to publish this screed on Easter Sunday and in the middle of Passover is not a coincidence and not just a clickbait technique

…It is NYT advocacy of its worldview and its prescription for solving world problems

NYT’s intellectualism retains a hold on many readers, but it is morally vacuous

…and anti-American

Mass cancellation/tune-out of NYT:  a good thing for America


Texas Busing Illegals to DC:  Stunt or Strategy?


Second of Texas busloads of illegal immigrants has reached Washington DC

  • Funded by Texas taxpayers (is that what they want?)
  • Symbolic protest against Biden policy that so far cannot be stopped

Lapse of Title 42 (immigration limits due to covid) in May will trigger more illegal entry

  • Current estimate of eventual impact: 18K apprehensions per DAY

None of this is inevitable or naturally occurring or desired by the American people

  • It is being CAUSED by Biden policy

This is Cloward-Piven—collapse the system—strategy being implemented

The American people are the only solution

They MUST make their political system work to reflect their will


Schools Snooping on Parents


Intrusive school questionnaires increasingly being exposed

  • Questions about parents’ religion, politics, social issues—wildly invasive
  • Some dismissed by schools as ancillary to legitimate provoking of scholarly debate
  • Others highly suspect as to any purpose other than eroding parental authority

FLA Gov. DeSantis openly aggressive in banning CRT from schools…facing leftist mockery

America’s schools need a massive U-turn and re-orientation as to their purpose

  • Academic training is very different from ideological indoctrination
  • Schools need to move away from the latter
  • Schools need to move toward STEM education

(science, technology, engineering, mathematics)


Communist Influence Operations Explained


CCP (and other communists) have been on a mission to co-opt and undermine America for decades…they have seen it as requiring a ‘long march through the institutions’…and they are doing exactly that

  • Confucius Institutes all over America are not an accident
  • Henry Kissinger an early target for softening anti-China posture
  • BlackRock’s Larry Fink a prominent current target
  • Spies sleeping with and compromising US politicians (e.g. Swalwell) deployed throughout US

Americans are slowly waking up to the fact that they are facing a plan—a war plan—and not a random or unrelated series of attacks on the foundation of their country and freedom

Will enough Americans awaken

…fast enough

…and with enough resolve to defeat it?