Why It Matters – The April 19th Show

Why It Matters – The April 19th Show

Mask Mandate Lifted: Hilarity Ensues


Lots of video clips of cheering airline passengers…as if slavery ending…

  • Overwhelming majority of Americans support the end of masking
  • Airlines at first balked at following the court rule and bowed to Biden admin
  • TSA announced stand-down on mask enforcement…airlines quickly went along

Court ruling went right at the question of the CDC’s authority…judge said NO

Leftists angry at “Trump” judge…but she was actually following the law

Far too much autocratic ‘emergency’ power was grabbed by various govt levels

  • Not appropriate in a free Republic

Courageous follow-the-law Judges make a difference in saving America


Fighting the Marxist Ideological Invasion: How-to


An invasion is truly what America faces, and it MUST be stopped

Here are difference-makers helping to make it stop

  • Judge Mizelle recognizes limits to CDC authority to ‘mandate’ masks
  • GOP introduces bill to stop funding NEA…which uses most of it to help Democrats
  • Professor fights back against pronoun insanity…wins $500K in court!
  • Florida legislature moving to take away special Disney privileges

An overwhelming majority of Americans oppose the Biden agenda

They MUST stand up and stop it


Dems Insurrection Insanity Rolls On


‘Lawfare’ targeting Marjorie Taylor Greene for disqualification from eligibility to run

  • Stretching ‘insurrection’ narrative to try and fit certain GOP candidates

There was no insurrection on January 6th, 2021, and no amount of legal posturing will change that fact

The more the insurrection narrative is pushed, the more attention drawn to the evidence

  • 20 fed agents reportedly embedded in January 6th at the Capitol

Leftists relentlessly use court-shopping to accomplish what legislatures never intended


Leftist Race Baiters Cause Violent Crime


Black former Police Chief in Rochester NY moves to GOP and runs for Congress

  • Defunding police is inexcusable policy from Dems

NY subway shooter rants and raves about white supremacy and advocated violence

Carries out mass shooting

Why shouldn’t there be accountability for the purveyors of CRT oppressor/victim ideology that predictably provokes such behavior?