Why It Matters – The April 19th Show

Why It Matters – The April 19th Show

Fox Settles with Dominion


$787.5M settlement utterly detached from the truth and justice

  • But serves the Deep State interest of seeming to legitimize the stolen 2020 election

Evidence of 2020 election rigging via machines is overwhelming and growing

  • Truth has no agenda, and inevitably will ‘out’

Ramifications of a legal system—judges, lawyers, and litigants—completely defiant of truth are enormously damaging to culture, rule of law, and order

Fox News has NOT contained the damage to its reputation by settling

It has broadened and deepened it


Texas Legislature: Which Bills Win?


Texas State Senate acting promptly and responsibly on priorities of constituents

  • More than 20 out of 30 priorities already acted upon

Texas State House controlled by Speaker who is RINO at best

  • Can’t even move to outlaw genital mutilation of children

Character of elected reps matters:  lobbyists’ money v. conscience—which will govern?

Persistent defiance of the will of the people does not go unnoticed by the people

  • Trust in govt + willingness to ‘obey’ govt dissipates…recipe for loss of law and order
  • Texas is in very dangerous territory…the House portion of the legislature is engaging in elitist ruling class defiance of the will of Texanssimilar to the attitude of Gen. Santa Anna???


Holocaust Remembrance Day: What Tolerance Means


Tolerance by itself is NOT a virtue

  • Whether tolerance is virtuous depends on what is being proposed to be tolerated

ØNot every attitude or action is moral

ØNot every idea or policy is morally equivalent to every other idea or policy

ØBeware of any movement that would declare some people—such as the unvaccinated

to be subhuman, unclean, deserving of being outcast, shunned

ØBe equally wary of movements which defy common sense and intelligence

Genital mutilation of children is NOT healthcare

Allowing boys into girls bathrooms and showers is not wise