Why It Matters – The April 19th Show

Why It Matters – The April 19th Show

Maxine “Guilty Guilty Guilty”


Waters’ trip to Minneapolis explicitly intended to stir unrest over outcome of Chauvin trial

The worst kind of race-baiting, anger-stoking rhetoric

Waters said Trump ‘incited riots’ when he called for peaceful protests

What is Waters calling for?

There may have been a time when even Democrats would denounce her…no longer

If rioting ensues, Waters will be partially responsible…but will she be held accountable?
No one believes Waters will ever be held accountable

The ruling class seems to believe the obvious two-tiered or ‘double-standards’ justice system is not noticed by most Americans

—i.e., they believe most Americans don’t pay attention or don’t care

 The American ruling class is dangerously out of touch with the American mood


George Floyd/Chauvin Trial


Multiple truths can exist at the same time

  1. Police officers make mistakes and sometimes engage in wrongful behavior for which they should be held accountable
  2. Deaths in the course of law enforcement activity are tragic and regrettable for all
  3. The left is deliberately manufacturing a narrative intended to destroy the American judicial system and all notions of due process

The facts of the Floyd, Wright and Toledo cases are not simple, and they do not in any way validate a narrative of innocent men just minding their own business when gunned down by racist police

To yield to the leftist mob demand to dispense with or disregard investigation of all facts and circumstances and evidence in favor of instant verdict and punishment is to completely abandon the American system of due process

            …and that is exactly what is intended by the radical left


Governor DeSantis Leads, AGAIN


  • DeSantis signs strong and clear anti-rioting bill

Peaceful protests are ok; riots are not

Clear consequences for crossing the line into rioting

  • DeSantis’ leadership is nothing more than the exercise of common sense
  • Opposition to rioting is not based on skin color; it is based on universal desire for law & order in every neighborhood
  • All-out leftist assault on American society seeks racial division; double standards of justice

The vast majority of Americans oppose what the leftists are doing

But America’s elected officials have lost American character and backbone


American Parent Speaks for Millions


Andrew Gutmann, parent of a girl attending one of the priciest private schools in Manhattan, penned a very strong condemnation of ‘woke’ teaching at the school, withdraws his daughter from the school

…and sends his letter to the parents of all students at the school

Gutmann’s letter has gone viral nationally; his complaints/criticisms resonate

Gutmann is an example of what one person can do to make a difference

  • He took a stand and spoke up against the moral vacuousness and insanity of the leftist tyranny of indoctrination enveloping school boards and schools
  • He will inspire others to stand up and speak up

            …and schools (and corporations) will eventually tilt back toward rationality