Why It Matters – The April 1st Show

Why It Matters – The April 1st Show

Victory: Ibrahim @ Army War College


COVID-19 is not the only threat to America; Islamic terrorism remains

Raymond Ibrahim (US born, of Egyptian ancestry; Islam expert; ACWT show guest) has sounded the alarm about radical Islam for years (read Sword and Scimitar)

Muslim activist group successfully pressured the Army War College (AWC) in 2019 to cancel his speech

This year AWC let him speak about the incompatibility of Islamic doctrine and Western freedom, However…Army War College invited speaker with contrary views to speak just a few weeks ahead of Ibrahim’s talk … A man whose institution received a $20M Saudi grant, which is another form of Islamization or cultural jihad.

Anti-American dangers of Islamic doctrine must not be obscured


Virus Investigations: WHO and China


World Health Organization – Be wary of any organization claiming “World” authority

  • WHO is heavily funded by China
  • WHO issued January 2020 disclaimer as to human-to-human spread risks of China virus
  • WHO rep refused to answer questions about Taiwan (which mainland China does not recognize as independent)
  • WHO continues to praise China’s response, despite evidence of CCP hiding and lying

Post-crisis, credible, professional investigations will be essential to improvement

WHO, CDC, FEMA, FDA, State govts


Virus Should Drive Changes in US Law


Citizen Recourse is a critical concept – Must be able to fight back against losses of freedom

Some ideas to consider:

  • Mandatory shutdowns of economy must be decided by more than just healthcare public policy experts, must include economic, business, market experts
  • Citizens need a viable recourse to challenge long term shelter in place orders
  • Data sourcing requirements – volume and variety of perspectives
  • Time limits on emergency shelter-in-place orders without a court review that includes adversarial presentation of evidence

Freedom and respect for free, self-governing American citizens

must be a top priority of legislative and policy decisions