Why It Matters – The April 20th Show

Why It Matters – The April 20th Show

Biden Gifts GOP: May Appeal Mask Emancipation


Judge’s ruling was based on lack of CDC authority, NOT on mask efficacy or inefficacy

Biden admin punts to CDC…if CDC recommends appeal, Biden admin will appeal ruling

Bigger picture:

  • Unmasking reawakens Americans to the feel of freedom…the vast majority will NOT want masks reinstituted, and appealing the ruling will be bad politics for Biden
  • No medical science has EVER suggested efficacy of masks v. virus (virus far too small)
  • Nothing about judge’s ruling prohibits anyone from wearing a mask voluntarily
  • Deep blue cities still have many under ‘mass psychosis’ who want to mask up…go ahead!

Americans are re-learning the meaning of freedom and the idea of limits to govt power

Can they be manipulated by fear to give up their heritage?


DeSantis vs Disney:  People vs Long March Warriors


DeSantis calls special session of legislature to include consideration of revoking Disney’s long-standing (since 1960’s) special privileges in Florida

…would open up Disney operations to state taxation and regulation

Big picture

  • DeSantis and the legislature are the elected representatives of the people of Florida
    • They are put in office to do the will of the people who voted for them
  • Disney is not elected by the people. It serves what it (ignorantly?) thinks are best interests of shareholders, and has gone woke along with other US corporations unknowingly participating or aiding and abetting the long march through the institutions

Woke corporations are either misreading the American people

or betting they can overwhelm them

They are going to lose (see Netflix)


Durham Keeps Digging: HRC Target?


The bad news is:

Durham’s investigation is built around the dubious notion that all elements of the federal government—CIA, DOJ, FBI—acted honorably but were lied to by HRC campaign operatives

The good news is: 

Durham’s investigation is necessarily zeroing in on Hillary Clinton herself as the ringleader of a massive fraud against Donald Trump and the American people

            Take note:  FIVE former Clinton campaign operatives are ‘taking the 5th’…why?

Durham is making SERIOUS allegations of ‘user-created’/fabricated setup evidence

Criminal culpability is obvious…will there actually be accountability?

Are the Clintons untouchable?