Why It Matters – The April 20th Show

Virus…and the ‘Save Our Country’ Coalition


ACWT Show Guest Steve Moore leads a new “SAVE OUR COUNTRY” coalition

Adds to Heritage Foundation’s “National Coronavirus Recovery Commission”

Adds to Kevin Freeman’s Economic War Room reopening plan

Patriots are stepping up all over America; reopening is an American imperative

“MAKE AMERICA WELL AGAIN” è we CAN do two things at once:

            Care for the ill and protect the vulnerable

            Reactivate the economy for the health and well-being of all


Trump and Congress – Re-Open America


President Trump is leading as he should—

  • Providing re-opening guidelines
  • Establishing bi-partisan commissions
  • Trusting federalism – 50 individual states with individual circumstances
  • Testing advances possible through representative random sampling (similar to polling)

(per Yale’s Dr. Katz)

Assuaging the fearful in the face of MSM hysterical fear-mongering is tougher than it should be; America’s media is the biggest disgrace of Pandemic 2020


Confinement Extends Danger – Blocks Herd Immunity


Listen to Dr. Katz’ recent interview with Mark Levin

“Herd immunity” is not a new concept in virology and the study of infectious diseases

Not a theory but a known, documented phenomenon, which essentially says:

The best remedy for most viruses is for healthy people to catch it and their immune systems to defeat it, with the development of antibodies effectively slowing and stopping the spread

Shelter-in-place and social distancing PREVENT the development of herd immunity

The FAUCI-BIRX prescription was rushed, and may not be the best going forward

The point is not to blame; the point is to correct, NOW


COVID Shocking Numbers and Virus Truth


  • NYC numbers are massively and negatively distorting the situation in America as a whole

Focus on NYC problems, but don’t assume them as the paradigm elsewhere

  • Leading Israeli Scientist has documented: infection curve for Coronavirus follows the same trajectory in every country, with or without lockdowns
  • Stanford/Santa Clara study – significant presence of antibodies says coronavirus has been around since fall 2019…which means infections much higher, mortality much lower
  • Texas: 29M people; <500 CV deaths    DALLAS County: 2.63M people; <75 CV deaths

            Common sense questions must be allowed—

                        Why are we shutting down????


Dems “Politic” over COVID: TEXAN Rep Crenshaw Debunks


The relentless leftist politicization of everything by Pelosi, the Democrats and their MSM propaganda-arm is unconscionable…and suggests they don’t believe the seriousness of the pandemic

Example: If America is truly in a dire disease pandemic…

Why is Pelosi padding spending with donations to the Kennedy Center?

Why is Pelosi pushing Blue State bailouts?

Why isn’t there bi-partisan laser focus on health and economic well-being?

Ex-Navy Seal and now Congressman Dan Crenshaw of Texas – a model of calm and grace

Watch his 5 minute video clip, retweeted by President Trump

A complete takedown of partisan Covid histrionics