Why It Matters – The April 25th Show

Why It Matters – The April 25th Show

SCOTUS & The Coach Who Prays


‘Coach Kennedy’ case finally heard by SCOTUS

  • High school football coach who prayed (by himself) after each game…fulfilling his private commitment of gratitude to God…gradually joined (voluntarily?) by others…eventually ordered by school to stop…refused to stop and was fired

SCOTUS questions all over the map

Basic principles

  • Free exercise of religion is foundational to America; a ‘pre-eminent’ right
  • “Establishment clause” is important to control state action that would impact free exercise
  • Shouldn’t be a close case…Kennedy was engaged in the free exercise of his faith…he was not ‘establishing’ religion at school…but there is no way to predict what SCOTUS will do


Obama Demands MORE Speech Censorship 


Obama and HRC united in demand for MORE censorship

Basic principles

  • “Disinformation” has no meaning except in relation to what is defined as truth
  • But who defines what truth is?
  • Are licensed physicians who’ve prescribed ivermectin and seen positive results engaged in spreading ‘disinformation’ when they talk or write about their experience?
  • Are Ukrainians or others exposing fake Russian atrocity videos spreading ‘disinformation’

America founded on the idea that individual citizens are capable of discerning,

and must be trusted to discern, truth from falsehood 

If govt takes over control of information, freedom will be lost


Leftism KILLS


Violence against police sharply rising

FBI Director Wray says  he’s ‘never seen anything like it’

When leftist legacy media spews “America is systemically racist” and ‘defund the police’…

How could anyone possibly be surprised by a surge in violence against police?

  • America is a profoundly good country full of good people who value and desire law and order and the colorblind administration of justice with full regard for truth and honesty
  • Until US leadership voices this truth, violence against police will continue to rise


Musk & Twitter


Appears that Elon Musk will soon own Twitter

Leftists are apoplectic at the prospect of lost censorship of conservative views

Musk is a mixed bag…seems strong on free speech, but also heavy into globalism, transhumanism…and neither Tesla nor SpaceX would exist without substantial government subsidies

  • Could Deep State sabotage Twitter under Musk—i.e., make it so filled with offensive content that censorship re-imposed?
  • Be wary of any one person or company attempting to define truth and disinformation
  • Twitter story is not over; many new chapters ahead


AmericaCanWeTalk & Women for Freedom Summit


  • Month of May will see transitions for ACWT
  • Limited/possibly no shows in second half of May (accommodating out of town speeches and personal move)
  • June 1 resumption may involve changes in show formatting
  • Thursday special shows with in-studio audience continuing

SAVE THE DATE!  October 15, 2022     THIRD annual Women for Freedom Summit

Outstanding speakers already committed:  Evan Sayet, Gordon Chang, Sam Faddis, Matt Lohmeier, Dr. Richard Bartlett, Dr. Mark MacDonald, Sidney Powell

Women for Freedom Summits are uniquely powerful…plan to attend!!