Why It Matters – The April 26th Show

Why It Matters – The April 26th Show

MORE Leftism Kills – Border Death


Texas Nat’l Guardsman Bishop Evans dies trying to save 2 drowning drug smugglers

Psaki shrugs it off…not a federal employee

This is the mark of completely amoral behavior and the abandonment of the American character…Evans gave his life for criminals—in a situation created by Biden admin

Temporary hope from federal judge holding up expiration of Title 42

Hard to face…

but Biden admin approach to border enforcement displays actual malice

toward America as a sovereign and secure nation


Elon Musk & Twitter


Ongoing developments…

  • Stunning meltdown by the left over Musk’s takeover of Twitter
  • Morning Joe and Mika appalled…it’s their job to tell people what to think
  • MSNBC commentator completely clueless as to irony of dangers of Musk…as exactly what conservative Americans have been living through for at least five years
  • Musk is not even remotely a ‘right-winger’ on any issue…except freedom of speech…and now the left hates him (and Teslas and SpaceX and Starlink…)

Leftists are sensing the collapse of their seemingly invincible control of all narratives

  • 2020 election fraud, covid, Biden corruption…even Ukraine—all leftist ‘takes’ are dissolving

‘Morning in America’ for American patriots…emerging from censorship/cancellation jail


Biden Bus Bullies


Texas couple trucked pro-Trump signs alongside Biden bus tour of Texas in 2020

Biden admin sued them for ‘assault’…even though zero actual evidence of anything other than peaceful protest via safe driving…and also claimed the couple was ‘suppressing minority votes’   WUT???!!!

Takeaway:  the left tolerates NO dissent, ever, and will abuse the justice system to keep the peasants in their place

Judge so far is humoring the Biden admin…but awareness of the baseless case is growing

Political campaigns should never face actual assault

but neither should they characterize opposition as ‘assault’


Durham Surrounding Hillary


HRC campaign attorney Michael Sussmann has serious felony exposure for lying to FBI

  • His text to FBI says he was not working for any client when bringing Russia collusion info to FBI
  • But now he wants to claim related emails and documents are attorney-client privileged???
    • If he wants to change story and say he was working for client…THAT’s the central lie to the FBI for which he is being prosecuted…thus an admission of felony guilt
    • If he doesn’t change story, all related emails and documents admitted into evidence…and they show an obvious multi-person conspiracy to fabricate evidence against Donald Trump

Hundreds of emails between Fusion GPS (working for HRC campaign) and media are in Durham’s possession – they were all working together

Key question now:  What punishment will Durham seek against Sussmann?

Will it be enough to make him flip?