Why It Matters – The April 26th Show

Why It Matters – The April 26th Show

ACWT Mission:  American Freedom


To everyone listening to America Can We Talk?:

  • We are not alone; we MUST keep each other reinforced
  • House Freedom Caucus this past weekend

Filled with elected reps who ‘get it’ at every level

They KNOW what’s at stake and how precarious America’s condition is

  • Senate Conservatives Fund + Conservative Partnership Institute – true patriot fighters
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are smeared relentlessly by the media

They are salt of the earth American patriots putting everything on the line for America

  • Right Women PAC – standing up for Greene and Boebert and any American woman patriot willing to stand up and run for Congress

Take heart – Millions of Americans See What’s Going On—

and have not given up…Neither should you


Pursuing Truth, and a New Documentary


Mike Lindell has released “Absolute Interference” – 2+ hours on election fraud in 2020

Overwhelming evidence…watch it yourself and decide

Communist China hacked into the election and determined the outcome

Defeated a Trump landslide

Does this truth matter to the American people?

Is the proof too late to do anything about?

Should Americans just move along?


Truth exists, and it matters, and it is not a matter of partisan interpretation

Not yet clear what the right remedy is

but passivity is not consistent with the spirit of America


When Politics Obliterates Reality


How many unarmed black Americans were killed by police in 2019?

14% of [liberal] survey respondents believe >10,000

31% say over 1,000

Actual number:  27

Steve Cortes cites Stanford/NIH study disputing effectiveness of masks

Taken down by Twitter??!!

CA passes law allowing convicted rapists to claim identity as transgendered women…and move to women’s prisons??!!

Americans’ perceptions of reality are being distorted (purposely)

by political demagogues + media

Refuse to participate in this deception and manipulation