Why It Matters – The April 27th Show

Why It Matters – The April 27th Show

Newsom Recall + Census Hits Blue States


CA Governor Gavin Newsom now set for recall vote…2nd time in CA history

Over 1.5M Californians signed recall petition

Not driven by angry Republicans; it’s about angry Californians

2020 Census confirms trend of US migration:  Away from Blue States; Into Red States

Texas and Fla +3…NY, CA and Ill -3

Bigger picture:  Americans do not want and are not embracing the leftist agenda

Defunding police

Open borders

Expanding homelessness

Americans want their civilization preserved

They are not buying the lies of the left


Biden + CA Govt Collude with Big Tech


Judicial Watch FOIA litigation reveals:

Biden admin and California govt working with Facebook and YouTube to censor conservative content; define ‘misinformation’ to squelch anyone questioning left-wing views

Florida legislature moving toward limits on Big Tech censorship and privacy intrusions

No corporations in US history have had more concentrated power than Big Tech

            Not Standard Oil, not AT&T, not IBM

Big Tech power is in censorship and ‘internet search’:  it is totalitarian thought-control

Preserving freedom in America will require major adjustment to the monopoly level power of Big Tech

Government must act to preserve freedom not collude in the imposition of thought-control