Why It Matters – The April 27th Show

Why It Matters – The April 27th Show

TRUTH Explosion: America Rejects the Hard Left


Gallup polling continues showing America as ideologically steady; leaning right

  • 37% ‘moderate’; 36% ‘conservative’ = 73% of Americans largely alike
  • 27% ‘liberal’ (no numbers polled for socialists/communists)

Hard left has had wildly outsized appearance of strength and influence

…because of control of Big Tech, Hollywood, media, and academia

Leftist hysteria over loss of censorship control at Twitter is accelerating the awakening of Americans…many never realized how determined and one-sided the censorship has been

  • “Trans” obsession a prime example: 4% of the population…aggressive trans-grooming is an offensive and troubling turn-off to at least 73% of Americans

The tide is turning in America…Americans are rejecting the hard left


Disney & DeSantis, Twitter, Netflix, CNN+


Florida’s Parental Rights Bill has galvanized the vast majority of Americans

  • Even a little common sense is enough to reject the sexual grooming of little children

Netflix airing “Pregnant Man” series (produced in Japan) is triggering more subscriber losses

  • Never has been and never will be a pregnant man; believing otherwise…mental illness?

CNN+ fails after $300+M for 10,000 subscribers…bots don’t pay and real people won’t pay

Teachers union president Randi Weingarten says Florida bill is the ‘way in which wars start’

Americans increasingly reply: 

No Randi, a hard left installed government

determined to govern against the will of the American people

is the way in which conflict is fomented


The Sexual Grooming Pandemic


  • Babies and young children do not naturally hate anyone
  • Babies and young children do not naturally obsess about sexuality
  • Hate and sexual obsession have to be TAUGHT for children to even entertain them

Public schools now erupting with children claiming to be ‘trans’

…because that’s the effect of teaching and grooming

American parents have had enough of the leftist nonsense that encourages sexual grooming of children

The left has gone too far; Americans will not ‘compromise’ on this nonsense


Christianity = Termination for Cause


Actor Chris Pratt under fire:

  • Overt Christian faith in Hollywood is not acceptable to Hollywood
  • Pratt attends a Christian church that is not fully ‘woke’ according to LGBT activists

Leftist mob demanding Pratt be terminated from existing engagement

…and ultimately, terminated from his acting career

Yet another marker of the totalitarian left’s intolerance for anything but absolute obedience to approved secular thought

  • Any divergence from approved thought brands you as a ‘hater’
  • This is unsustainable; the American people are rejecting it en masse